2016 Spring Trends in Wholesale Fashion Handbags

If you have already discovered the spring trends wholesale fashion handbags for 2016 in terms of clothing and accessories, it is time to reveal the most important trends in wholesale handbags and purses.

We will mark both the brand-new trends, but we will also review those that maintain a leading position in the fashion charts so that you can keep the investments made last year.

This is how we begin a detailed travel in the world of wholesale handbags, where the idea of art is intensely transposed here. New trends are original creations, built with passion, while trends kept from last year are retro, including white wholesale fashion handbags or clutch fashion bags with fringes and tassels.

Here’s what to wear in terms of wholesale handbags in the spring 2016 season:

Extravagant prints

It was as normal as it can be to translate clothing trends in the trends of wholesale handbags and purses. Thus, if in 2016, eclectic prints will be worn, wholesale fashion handbags must be as rich in prints, either floral or graphics.

Bags with short straps

If last year bags with long straps were worn a lot, shoulder or cross-over messenger bag, this year brings into our attention small wholesale fashion handbags with a very short strap or handle. The designers say they are more feminine and more elegant.


And since we were talking about art, here is an obvious example of it transposed into bags with 3D details, almost sculpted but discreet, delicate, and charming. Simple, overlapped details are in trends, which seem to come out of the bag’s shape.


Delicate and elegant, clutch fashion bags are one of the trends worth investing in 2016. They look like a smaller replica of the massive handbags worn in the previous years, but they are much more feminine and elegant.

Lace inserts

Since we speak about femininity, we must mention that the retro-vintage trends which were very popular in the past two years consolidate their position season after season. So, in 2016, lace appears on bags, especially on evening envelopes give an elegant and retro touch to your outfits.

White bag

If you already have acquired a white bag for your wardrobe last year, when it was very popular, then you’re definitely going to be very happy to hear that white wholesale fashion handbags remain in trends.

If you have not bought one yet, our advice is to do this as soon as possible, since it is very unlikely to disappear from the preferences of the designers very soon.

Cross-body messenger bag

Very practical and breezy, cross-body bags with very long and thin straps, will continue to be worn in 2016, This year you can wear them the way you want, either on a shoulder or cross-over.

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