Can You Pull Off Thigh High or Over the Knee Boots?

The fashion trend of tall leather boots has creeped higher and higher up the thigh over the past couple of years. The past couple of years have led to boots inching up over the knee and this year the trend is headed towards the thigh-high boot becoming more and more popular.

The over the knee and thigh high boot have gone completely mainstream. Just think about when you first watched Pretty Woman twenty years ago and how crazy those tall boots looked.

They’ve of course evolved into a classier look, but they’re actually fairly similar to that look. They’re popular with celebs, but also popular with any woman who follows the trends and attempts to pull them off.

The variety of tall boot styles is wide and can range from a classy sleek suede to styles that are adorned with fringe, buckles and flare at the top.

If you’re not planning on walking any runways or attracting a ton of attention, the simple high-quality leather or suede look is a good one.

Try to stick with a matte black or brown if possible. There are also a few colors that are hot this year, so if you must choose a color stick with olive green, grays, cream or dark maroon.

The same colors are also hot in suede. Shoe color trends are sticking with the same colors as the recent clothing trends. Its all about muted colors and the real pop of color are in the accessories.

A slim almost fitted boot with a rounded toe is perfect if you’re looking for a dressy, classy, modern or even everyday look for your thigh high boot.

There are also great styles if you’re looking to make more of a splash and don’t mind standing out. These boots might have a sheen or even a flare cut at the top.

No matter what, if half of your leg is covered by a boot, they’re going to be noticeable. The most outlandish ones have lace-ups from toe to top, fringe or even a garter attached to the top.

These probably wouldn’t work for every day, but they’re fun for a special occasion.

Since your boots are so fitted and sleek, add some texture to your outfit on the top. Maybe pair them with a short jacket and some accessories that add a little bit of bulk.

No matter how high they are, they’re not going to replace pants, so pair them up with some leggings and a short skirt.

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