Fashion designing institutes in Delhi

If you dream of showcasing your collection in these popular fashion shows, you need to study a fashion course and what is the best place to study a fashion program- it’s Delhi! Delhi is renowned for its fashion institutes which have been involved in offering high-quality fashion education.

There are a large number of fashion colleges in Delhi which are providing fashion courses to a large number of students who are interested in taking their fashion career.

Delhi is a prominent place that is renowned among other things for its professional courses. Students from various parts of the country and abroad too flock to the city to seek high-quality education.

Fashion courses are no exception as the city shelters the best fashion institutes in the country. Among them is the popular fashion school of WLCI. This fashion designing institute in Delhi is renowned for its creative excellence.

WLCI School of fashion technology draws its strength from various things. The first being an industry-relevant course curriculum that provides students the necessary knowledge required to set foot in the fashion industry with confidence.

WLCI offers a comprehensive fashion study that equips them with a broad knowledge about the fashion industry and the intricacies involved in fashion designing and other functions involved in the fashion industry.

The senior managers of the industry, who are a part of an organization known as the ‘Employers Council’ set up by WLCI, are closely involved in framing the course of WLCI.

So, students get to study the updated content which meets the requirement of the industry. This industry-oriented fashion course is taught by trained and experienced faculty.

This fashion designing institute ensures that students get practical experience as this creative field needs practical exposure. Live projects, workshops, and most importantly on-the-job training gives students a great amount of practical exposure even before they complete their course.

This on-the-job training (traineeship) is provided as part of the ‘Traineeship Advantage’ offered by WLCI.

Students get on-the-job training with the commencement of the course with the best designers, top export houses, and other allied firms where students get to practice exposure and an opportunity to earn a handsome stipend which enables them to cover a major part of their tuition fees. Which is very much encouraging the students.

Students of WLCI Fashion College in Delhi also get a fabulous opportunity to showcase their final design collection in a grand fashion show. Students get to mingle with the reputed names of the fashion industry, interact with them, and also find prospective buyers for their collection. Such highly publicized fashion shows are a dream come true for students of fashion studies.

WLCI which is one of the top fashion design institutes in the country offers fashion programs for under-graduates, graduates, and working professionals. After completing the fashion programs from WLCI, students can find innumerable job opportunities in fashion designing, advertising, visual merchandising, retail, etc.

They have a competitive edge over students of other institutes of fashion design as they have studied the updated content by trained mentors and of course, they are already trained in fashion with the help of on-the-job training they receive.

WLCI is indeed one of the best fashion designing colleges in Delhi which truly meets the requirement of students aspiring to join the fashion industry and achieve their dreams as a fashion icon. Great opportunity for fashion students.

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