Favorite Baby Girl Names

There are so many beautiful baby girl names to choose from, that it can take the entire nine months to narrow it down to a handful! It definitely seems like there is more variety with girl’s names than for boys. In fact, a new twist has been giving girls boy names, but spelling them differently. The most popular unisex baby name is Cameron (boy spelling) or Kamyrn (girl spelling).

Baby books and the internet are great places to find names for your baby girl. You can also choose a name that has a Biblical background or a great meaning behind it. Since women change their last names when they get married, some families have a girl name that is passed down from generation to generation. This is a great way to honor your family heritage.

While some of you reading this may worry that doing so will give your little girl a very old fashioned name, many of the top ten baby girl names are old fashioned names that have become very popular again with the new generation.

The most popular baby name for a girl is Emily, holding that spot since 1996. Emma is number two and has been for the past three years. This is a very old fashioned name that has found new fame in recent years. Ten years ago, Emma didn’t even rank in the top 100! Madison has been number three for the past five years.

Filling the number four spot is Abigail. This is another older name making its way back into the mainstream. It has slowly been creeping back up the charts for popular girl’s names. Abigail ranked number thirty-two ten years ago. The same is true of Olivia, coming in at number five. Ten years ago this name ranked number thirty-four.

Probably the biggest jump is for Isabella, ranking number six. Ten years ago this name was nowhere near the top 100. Hannah is number seven now, and the biggest drop from the charts. The last time this name was in the number seven slot was ten years ago. Since then it has spent time at number two, three, and four.

Samantha is number eight, changing only a number or two each year either up or down. Ava ranks number nine. That may not seem like much to get excited about, but the changes in rank for this particular girl name is amazing. Ten years ago it ranked in the seven hundreds. The name Ava didn’t even break the top ten until 2002. It appears the name Ashley; number ten now, is on its way out. Ten years ago it was number three but it has ranked lower as time has gone on, never regaining that spot or higher.

Take your time choosing the right name for your baby girl. You want it to be something that mirrors here beauty, glowing smile, and sweet personality. With so many great baby girl names to choose from, it is a good idea to start looking at them early!