Following Fashion Whilst Sightseeing New York

New York sightseeing- the fashion capital in the world. Home to department stores such as Macy’s and Bloomingdales, there is truly nowhere closer to the trends. So, if you fancy following the fashions whilst you’re sightseeing in New York, why not check out a fashion show or two?

New York Fashion Week

If you’re a true trendsetter, then there’s only one time to go sightseeing in New York, and that’s during New York fashion week.

A big event that takes place twice a year, this is simply unmissable for anyone who’s anyone in the fashion world.

For one week, 8 Acres of Bryant Park is transformed with enormous tents that house backstage areas, seating areas, and most importantly the runways themselves.

An excellent opportunity to see the best of the new ranges from both American and International fashion designers and houses, a trip to this immense fashion show will leave you itching to go shopping.

Couture Fashion Week

Running since 2003, Couture Fashion Week is another show that true fashionistas should not miss during their time sightseeing in New York.

Held several times a year in several cities throughout America, the event at New York’s Waldorf-Astoria is certainly the cherry on the top of the fashion cake.

As well as fantastic catwalk shows during which exhibitors and designers can show the season’s latest and greatest styles, there are art exhibits, great entertainment, and even VIP dinners and receptions for which you can dress up to the nines.

However, for the ultimate in the fashion party lifestyle, be sure to try and get tickets for the Couture Fashion Week Ball; the very high point of the week, this is your chance to see models and designers alike dressed up and dazzling as they attend one of the biggest balls in fashion.

The Chocolate Fashion Show

Now we all know that women love chocolate, and we know that women love fashion, but what we don’t all realize is that the two can be combined at the New York Chocolate Fashion Show.

This annual show sees chocolatiers and fashion designers collaborating to make some of the most appetizing designs that you’re ever likely to see on a catwalk.

Giving new meaning to the phrase ‘edible fashion’ this is a show that will not only make your mouth water but your money almost fly out of your purse as you give in to the temptations of fashion and chocolate all at the same time.

The three-day event is held in order to raise money for charity and often involves outfits revolving around a specific theme such as superheroes.

If you weren’t expecting to see Iron Man, Lara Croft or Batgirl as you were sightseeing New York, then you almost certainly wouldn’t have expected to see the chocolate versions, however, anything goes at the Chocolate Fashion Show.

So, if fashion is your forte and trendiness is your talent, then don’t waste all your time sightseeing New York in the shops, but get to the very forefront at the fashion shows, and see the designers and their clothes up close and personal, rather than on a coat hanger.

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