How to Look Expensive on a Budget! – Cheap but Classy

Do you wish to dress up like a celebrity without spending a fortune? Are you looking for some trendy outfit recommendations that can enhance your persona? If so, then we have a few tips to share!

Choose your dress colors wisely

Your dressing sense can reveal a lot about your personality; therefore, choose your dresses wisely. Pastels and vibrant jewel tones can give you a luxurious look, while mossy earth tones may look dated. The choice is yours!

Minimal makeup and neutral nails

Rich people don’t paint their faces with a lot of makeup products. For them, decency is a priority so follow that, if you also want to look expensive. A natural makeup look with rosy cheeks, a layer of mascara, a dab of concealer, and berry lips can look just perfect! For hair, a sleek blowout will do. Most importantly, don’t forget your nails. Never leave your nails with chipped polish; it looks gross.

Less is more

Excess of anything is bad, be it overdressing or overuse of jewelry. Yes, that’s right. A heavy necklace (no matter how expensive it is) won’t give you that royal feel as compared to a delicate chain and pendant enhancing your collarbone, and making your neck more attractive. Elegant yet sexy!

Opt for a sturdy handbag

A good-quality handbag or a stylish clutch can add a lot to your overall look. Choose a classic design with a top handle for office or professional use, and a cross-body bag will be perfect for casual use. Just like dresses, neutral colors in bags not only look expensive, but they can also go well with a lot of dresses.

Pro Tip: You can keep your bags in a good shape for a longer span by stuffing them before storing them.

Don’t forget the shoes!

It is believed that shoes are the first thing, anyone, notices in your appearance, and you would want to give a bad impression at first glance. Would you? Although, it is wise to invest in classy pairs of shoes, keeping them in a good shape is equally important. For a more polished look, match your shoes with your handbag, and slay all day!

Who doesn’t want to look classy and elegant? I’m sure, every woman on this planet does!

The great news is that you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket in order to look like a celebrity. How? Just by following these simple tips!

Remember that, being fashionable is all about shopping wisely not expensively. Happy shopping! You can also see more ways to look expensive.