How To Look Good On A Budget

Everyone desires to look good at all times, unfortunately, most clothing items and accessories do not come cheap. However, that doesn’t mean you should look sloppy or unkept. With the right budget in place, you can always look as amazing as you want to look. All you need to know is a couple of fashion tricks and tips. Some of them include;

Always Use A Fragrance

A look is never complete without a lovely scent all over you as it leaves you smelling nice all day long. Find an affordable scent and apply it directly to your skin, preferably on your neck, at the back of your ears, wrists, in between your thighs, on your ankles, and other major pulse points. Unlike what people think, using too many fragrances at once is not ideal. Instead, use a single cologne, body spray or perfume. Also, ensure you apply moisturizer before spraying your fragrance on your skin and remember never to spray fragrances on your clothes.


Your shoes say a whole lot about you and your sense of style. Stop wearing shoes that are worn out or peeled by the edges. It makes you look cheap and rough. Put your shoes together and replace buckles and straps when you need to. If a shoes has peeled edges, put them away, except they can be taken to a cobbler.

Carry A Great Handbag

When trying to look good on a budget, handbags shouldn’t be left out. Invest in a classic handbag with a great design. It should be a piece you can wear with almost every outfit, preferably a brown, black, nude or grey color. If you go for brighter colors like red, pink, purple or yellow, it might dictate the outfit you’ll wear. Once you have the bag, you can be sure to keep them in the best shape by storing in a cool place and stuffing them with items that can keep it perfectly.

Manicure/Pedicure and Makeup

This ultimate combination must never be forgotten. A great manicure is essential for not just ladies, but the men as well. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to fix acrylic nails every other day, rather, always have neat and well-cut nails. Ensure your toenails are clean with no dirt whatsoever stuck behind the nail. The same applies for makeup. Invest in a good powder and lipgloss, so your face would look bright all day long.


When it comes to looking good, never underestimate the power of a great skin. Take care of your skin by exfoliating, moisturizing and cleansing your it as often as possible. Asides from brightening your look, it allows makeup to sit properly in your face. The best part? You wouldn’t need so much makeup if you have a great skin!

Looking good doesn’t have to mean your finances have to take a plunge. With these tips, you can be sure to look like a supermodel on the front page of a magazine cover without spending a lot of money. All you have to do is apply the above tips and see what will happen. Go ahead, look good and classic on a budget