Most Fashionable Snow Boots for Women

In cold, snowy climates, snow boots are a necessity. However, modern women do not have to settle for clunky and boring winter boots. The main functional qualities to look for are water resistance because of melting snow and warmth due to frigid temperatures.

Beauty and style don’t have to be sacrificed for comfort and function with today’s designs in boots. Three design aesthetics are the banner styles for this winter: the Wellington, fur lining and detail, and lace-up patterns on the front or side of the boot.

Don’t let the dog days of winter get your feet down. Keep up fashion and comfort in the middle of snowy situations.

The Wellington boot designs of today perhaps provide the widest amount self-expression in a waterproof design. These iconic boots are available in basic black.

However, it is much more fashionable to indulge in bold designs and brilliant colors. Hippy prints, patriotic styles, biker graphic designs, polka dots, plaids, flowers, animal prints, butterflies, buckles, and fur lining are all design options for Wellington snow boots.

Wellingtons, or Wellies, come to a few inches below the knee to protect the bottoms of your slacks or tights from snow and rain.

Major boot designers like Caterpillar and Skechers are joined by Moon Dog, Rocket Dog, Lotus, and Hush Puppies in their embracing of the other two main design elements.

Each of these companies produces snow boots with faux fur and lace-up details. Winter boot colors range from tan to black. This winter’s fashions in this type of snow boot are neutral in color. Some have fur trim and some are completely lined with fur for added warmth and comfort.

The lace-up design makes it easier to put the boots on in comparison to pull-on styles. These boots can range from ankle boot height to knee-high boots.

Buckles, buttons, and more are sometimes used as embellishments on modern fashionable snow boots. Treating yourself to high style while protecting your feet and clothing from the winter elements is possible no matter what your personal style is.

From edgy urban to feminine to preppy to dangerous biker, there is a snow boot style to fit everyone. Discount boot dealers and bargain fashion websites provide winter foot fashion at a fraction of the cost of major department stores or boutique shops.

With these fashion footwear deals, anyone can have great-looking feet without breaking the bank.

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