Studying for a Career in the Fashion Business

Since fashion design is such a creative and glamorous industry, many people are attracted to it as a career. Fashion designers are responsible for creating designs for clothing and accessories.

First, they come up with an initial concept, sketched by hand or created with a computer. Then they determine the fabrics and patterns to use and create a prototype for a model to try on to see how it looks and determine if any adjustments need to be made. These skills can be obtained at a fashion design schools around the word.

For those interested in fashion, but not the creation and production aspects, fashion management and marketing may be an ideal career choice. Fashion marketers create ad campaigns and focus on marketing fashion to retailers and potential clients.

They analyze consumer trends and make certain brands and styles desirable. They must be savvy in the fashion and business industries. These skills can be learned in fashion management and industry schools around the word.

Suggested Education

College degrees are suggested for those who wish to try and break into the fashion industry. Although many skills can be learned through internships or on-the-job training, a college education can give students a thorough knowledge of fashion and practical experience.

A fashion designer school teaches students everything they need to know to compete in the industry, including sewing, concept creation, computer-aided design, and fashion trends. Students also learn about the history of fashion design, drawing, writing, and business.

Specific courses depend upon the individual program in which a student is enrolled.

Fashion management schools offer courses in a visual display, retail management, marketing strategies, and fashion forecasting.

Students also study economics, business math, entrepreneurship, sales, management, ethics, and customer service. Classes in psychology, public speaking, and basic computer skills may also be required.

Most programs also require an internship that allows students to work supervised in a retail store and gain first-hand experience managing clothing and accessories which are very essential to their fashion career.

Career Opportunities

A degree gives graduates the experience and knowledge to be able to apply for jobs in the fashion industry. Graduates have a myriad of career possibilities besides fashion design: including interior or graphic design, marketing, digital media, and visual communications.

For more information, read more on careers in the fashion industry and get a better understanding before starting on your new career.