Top 10 Men’s Fashion Labels

Men’s fashion labels these days are very much in demand. You can call them high fashion, and expensive, yet, it is undeniable that money price paid describes the quality of the item.

In this modern world, we all want to look good and dress fashionably. Till a few years back it was women who loved owning expensive branded clothes, bags and shoes but today it seems that men are also not far behind.

Today even men’s fashion labels are almost as big as the women’s fashion industry as everyone flock to searching for men’s designer fashion online. There are literally hundreds of designer labels for men to choose between.

Majority of the men have now started to realize that wearing designer clothing does have some great advantages. It is worth the investment and there is indeed some special style and look which the expensive clothing gives to its wearer.

Starting from suits, pants, shirts, ties, shoes, belts and other accessories, men are now investing more on men’s fashion labels items for their closet to be able to get that special look which they want.

Here is the list of top 10 men’s fashion labels which has gained a lot of recognition as well as popularity among the male fashion enthusiasts across the globe:

* The first and foremost in the list is of course Dolce and Gabbana which is popularly known as D&G.

It has been one of the leading manufactures and top providers in the men’s fashion industry. They have got a wide range of clothes and products for men starting from fashionable t-shirts, jeans, belts, socks, caps, pullover, shoes, perfumes, watches, sunglasses etc.

* Second in the list of men’s fashion labels is Ed Hardy, which is an American based company and has created a great sensation for past few years. It is well known for its high-quality men’s trendy clothing such as t-shirts, jeans and caps.

* Third is the list is Armani which is the top Italian cloth manufacturer. Armani is most popular for its high-quality men’s jeans, t-shirts, perfumes and belts and it is indeed difficult for its competitors to fight back.

Armani is rated among the top global brands and it has established approximately 2,000 stores worldwide.

* Fourth in the list is Polo Ralph Lauren which is known as luxury lifestyle brand all over the world. This brand released its Polo’s famous short sleeve mesh shirt with the Polo logo in the year 1972 which came out with 24 colors and it became a classic.

Lauren also gained a lot of recognition for his design after he was contracted to provide clothing styles for the movie The Great Gatsby.

* Fifth in the list is Diesel, its clothing lines are a hot favorite among the young adult. Initially, it was jeans, but now this brand has become popular for almost everything related to menswear and accessories.

Diesel remains a hot favorite with men in America. It is well known for its innovative approaches to fashion and it was the first clothing company to market their clothing in video games.

* Next in the list is Calvin Klein CK which is extremely popular for its style amongst most fashion conscious guys. It has got a whole range of menswear starting from sportswear, denim, underwear to perfumes.

* Gucci came into existence in the late 1980s and in a short span of time this brand became the world’s most influential fashion house. It’s designer clothing products consists of stylish ties, luxury luggage, famous handbags and designer shoes.

The products from Gucci also include cosmetics, sports articles, jewelry, eyeglasses and other such fashion wear. It was recently also named one of the best classic garment dealers in the world.

* Another well-known name among men’s top fashion labels is HUGO BOSS. It is a German fashion and lifestyle house based in Metzingen which specializes in high-end menswear. Its products can be found today at nearly 6,100 outlets in 110 countries.

* Next is Burberry Prorsum which was founded in 1856 by Thomas Burberry. Today Burberry Group is a deluxe British-owned fashion corporation which is a top fashion manufacturer among men.

Over the years it has gained popularity not only for its clothing but also for fragrances and fashion accessories.

* Last but not the least, an Italian clothing brand is known as Prada is world renown for men’s fashionable clothes to cater to the varied needs of the fashion enthusiasts.

Other than being a reputed clothing brand, it is also one of the most expensive clothing brands. Prada clothing is an eminent name for style, comfort and confidence, and there are many Hollywood stars that have also been attracted by this designer clothing brand.

Now that you know the top 10 men’s fashion labels, you go ahead and grab what is good for you among the above label. Better still, you can see more of men’s fashion here.