10 Celebrity Fashion Trends to Follow in 2021

Although some of our night outs, dinners, and dates have been put on hold during the pandemic, that doesn’t mean our style should suffer.

Once life gets back to normal you don’t want to be behind on the latest trends or design. We’re here to help you out with that. Below are the top 10 celebrity fashion trends to follow this year, and some may surprise you! 

The Lounge Look

We all love the lounge look, and we’ve all gotten pretty used to it. Working from home or being quarantined has given many people lessons in comfort. Sometimes putting yourself together in a nice lounge set makes a difference in productivity. 

Hopefully, you’ve noticed the rise of co-ordinating sets and legging brands. These items have taken center stage in the celebrity style world, and they’re still going crazy over them! 

Fun Face Masks

Let’s all care about safety, but make it fashionable. If you’ve kept your eye on the Grammy’s or Met Gala, then you know that celebrities have gone all out over face masks. You’ll catch them wearing knitted tusks, diamond-encrusted surgical masks, or works of art plastered on their face. 

The masks don’t seem to be going away anytime soon, so you may as well bedazzle that black mask of yours and make the most out of it! 


How crocs came back into town, we’ll never know. But, most likely the teenagers in your lives are already jumping on this train! It’s not just a teen trend, but many celebrities are donning these rubber shoes as well, making them a celebrity wardrobe staple.

Crocs have been rebranded in brighter colors and patterns, and even come with some accessories! So, when in Rome? 

 Bike Shorts

Back, and in the same bright colors as the 80s, bike shorts have taken over the fashion world. You’ve likely seen these graced on the cover of Vogue, but bike shorts have made a big comeback. 

These tight-fitting shorts are all the rage. They’re paired with everything from heels, blazers, sweatshirts, those grandpa new balance shoes, and cute co-ordinating yoga sets. 

Bike shorts are essential to have in your closet for the summer, and it doesn’t look like this famous fashion look is going anywhere! 

Crop Tops

Crop tops don’t belong in the 90s anymore. Thanks to newer online platforms like tik tok and Snapchat, more and more celebrities are embracing the crop. Paired with jeans, sweats, or leggings, you’ll be an absolute standout. 

The good news? Crop tops are now for everyone! With body positivity movements and many celebrities embracing their curves, the crop is the newest closet staple. So get out there and have some fun, maybe include a belly button ring if you’re feeling wild! 

The Timeless Trench

Why did fashionable trench coats fall out of style? We can’t be sure, but we can assure you this is a trend to stay. The basic trench coat has been donned by numerous celebrities, and fashion brands have listened.

This basic jacket is perfect for mild and transitional weather, while also giving your outfit a sleek, put-together look. So grab that white button-up, black slacks, and heels and top it off with a timeless trench look

Statement Sneakers

The ugly shoe movement is here to stay. Now, we don’t really mean ugly, but statement shoes have made a reputation by being clunky. Whereas sneakers used to be reserved for the gym or quick errands, you can catch celebrities pairing them with evening dresses or a powerful suit. 

Why are these statement sneakers so popular? Not only do they add unexpected playfulness to your outfit, but they are also comfortable. In a post-pandemic world comfort is a game-changer. So go ahead, get those massive sneakers and run the world. 

Oversized Blazers

An oversized look is always in style. Each article of clothing has enjoyed an oversized upgrade, from jeans to t-shirts, sneakers, and bags. Now it’s time for an undeniable statement piece: the oversized blazer. 

Celebrities have been donning these oversized blazers for years. They often add structure to an otherwise ordinary outfit. Blazers can even spice up a nice co-ordinating sweatsuit. 

Oversized blazers often have some shoulder padding in them, which is a nice wink to those 80s vests your mother loved to wear. Not to mention, these blazers are flattering on every body type. So hop on this trend, and may we suggest a nice herringbone-pattern to start? 

Color Co-ordination

Although this trend has been gracing your Pinterest boards and Instagram, the bright co-ordinating colored outfits have taken off in the celebrity style world as well.

Electric blues and greens are combined to give a cool, edgy look to a skirt and button-up shirt combination. Bright yellow blazers are paired with saturated pinks and reds slacks. Need we go on? 

Don’t be afraid to blend vibrant colors to make an outfit stand out. This imbues life into your closet in unexpected ways. Don’t throw out your black accessories, just spice it up with some color every now and then! 

Bold Puffers

Puffer coats became somewhat of a trend during the cooler months of 2019, but we’ve seen a revival of these classics in both 2020 and 2021 fashion. In fact, Northface and Gucci have banded together to create a high-fashion, utility line puffer jacket that celebrities and influencers alike adore. 

Like an oversized blazer, these puffer jackets add a little structure and a fun layer to any outfit. They are pretty flexible, so dress them up with a chic dress, or go for that casual look with a turtleneck and some jeans. 

Celebrity Fashion Trends and You

The best piece of fashion advice ever given was to follow trends, but never forget the importance of style. Although some trends are fun and playful, they go as fast as they came. There are certain looks, however, that will always be timeless. 

Luckily, you don’t have to break the bank to follow these trends, and if you like it, then wear it! So grab those crocs and puffers and be on your way! 

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