10 Essentials to Have for the Best Winter Outfits

Do you think that, once the temperatures drop, it’s pretty much impossible to stay fashionable? Think again. It might be freezing outside, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t find amazing, comfy, and trendy winter outfits that are going to make you stand out from the crowd.

So, if you’ve always wanted to showcase your sense of style even in the colder months, and with a pretty limited winter outfit budget, then read on.

We are about to dish out not one, but ten, essentials to add to your shopping list to create the perfect outfit this winter. 

1. Soft, Lush Knitwear

To start off with, why don’t you try swapping your usual shirts and pants for something that screams “cozy winter outfit”? We’re talking about maxi knitted dresses. They look like long, over-sized sweaters that provide maximum warmth while being super trendy.

Maxi knitted dresses come in all colors, patterns, fabrics, and prices. If you love a relaxed, outdoorsy vibe, then opt for a looser model with a simple print (or color block). Do you prefer something a bit sexier? Go for stretchier, figure-hugging styles, in black or red.

Wear your knitted dress with a pair of boots — ankle boots look great — and pop a warm coat or jacket on top. 

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2. No Dresses? No Problem

What if you don’t like to wear dresses? Or you love wearing them in the summer, but they’re somehow a no-go when winter hits?

That’s fine, because you will still have plenty of fab knitwear to choose from. A great item that you should absolutely get your hands on is a cozy cardigan or sweater. The ideal fabrics for this season are wool and cashmere, so make sure you pick one of the two.

In the case of cashmere, you’re probably looking at spending a bit more than you would with wool, but the investment is worth the money. And, if you look after it well, you can rest assured that this is a timeless item of clothing that will last you for years.

3. The Good, Old Denim

A staple in every woman’s wardrobe should be a beautiful, flattering pair of skinny jeans. Now that the temperatures have dropped, wearing something that feels like a warm second skin on you will be incredibly pleasant, protecting you from the cold weather while making you look stunning.

One of the great advantages of wearing skinny jeans is the possibility to be super creative with layers, and this works great in winter. 

4. These Boots Are Made for… Winter

Right, let’s talk shoes now. Winter is that time of the year when you can safely ditch your cotton trainers and swap them for a pair of boots.

Just like a cashmere sweater, a good pair of boots will not be cheap. Again, look at it as a long-term investment, and remember that buying good-quality shoes is essential to prevent you from developing foot problems later on in life.

The available options for boots are endless, and you are seriously spoilt for choice. If you can only afford one pair, then go for ankle boots. They tend to be easier to wear, comfier, and more reliable as a trend.

5. Cozy Coats for the Win

Would it even be winter if you weren’t wearing a luxurious, cozy coat? Considering that this will often be the only part of your winter outfit that people will see, it’s worth spending some time looking for the perfect coat or jacket.

If you feel bold and adventurous, you could go for a statement coat, perhaps lined with faux fur or with a maxi hoody.

Do you prefer to keep it more casual and low-key? Pick a jacket rather than a coat. Leather is a great winter jacket material and will look gorgeous with a pair of skinny jeans and ankle boots.

6. Soft and Smooth Scarves

You surely know what the benefits of scarves in winter are. They protect you from the cold as well as from the wind and rain. But wearing a beautiful, soft, colorful scarf can also make you feel and look stunning.

Blanket scarves are super popular at the moment. As the name suggests, these are large scarves that you wrap around your neck, shoulder, and back as you would a blanket. 

And, just like a blanket, they offer top coziness and warmth. We promise: it will feel like you haven’t actually left the comfort of your couch.

7. Pleated Skirts for a Romantic Vibe

We talked about jeans, so we could not talk about skirts. Wearing skirts in winter is not only perfectly fine, but it’s also uber-fashionable.

However, if you think that you can get away with throwing on your usual summer skirt, then you might be a bit too optimistic. 

During the colder months, your best bet is to opt for fabrics like wool, velvet, and leather. Get yourself a pleated velvet skirt, and you’ll look and feel like a true princess.

8. Treat Your Hands With Gloves

Have you also been washing and sanitizing your hands a tonne of times these past few months, to help stop the spread of COVID-19? Then, you probably ended up with dry, cracked skin.

As the winter months approach, the best way to stay safe while at the same time looking after your hands is to wear a good-quality pair of gloves.   

9. Fluffy Feet

Let’s now talk for a moment about indoor fashion. In winter, chances are that you will be spending a fair amount of time at home, but this doesn’t mean that you have to give up on style or comfort.

Grab yourself a pair of gorgeous, soft, fluffy slippers to wear around the house and perhaps even on Christmas morning. It will feel like walking on clouds!

10. Pretty in Pj

Last on our list, and again in the category of “indoor winter fashion”, is a pretty, cozy pajama. 

Make it Christmassy, if you like, or keep it more neutral by choosing a simple pattern. The essential thing is that it will need to be warm, comfy, and reflect your style and personality.

Because fashion doesn’t end when you get home!

Ready to Create Beautiful, Warm Winter Outfits?

Use our tips above to pick, mix, and create winter outfits that are truly gorgeous — and that will keep you warm during the colder months.

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