11 Items Every Guy Should Have In His Wardrobe

Men, some specific items are necessary for all men. These items are mostly used daily or more. They come in handy every now and then which makes them a must-have. If the aim is to look stunning and classy, these items would definitely help achieve the goal because they contribute immensely to how a guy looks.

Below are the various wardrobe items every guy should have:

A Face Cap nothing depicts style more than a well-selected face cap. The high side about this item is it comes in handy on sunny days. It could come in a very bright color or a dark one.

SunGlasses sunglasses help to protect the eyes from sun rays and also compliment the selected look. So, the dual functionality of this item makes it a must-have.

Blue Jeans blue jeans have a way of making a guy’s appearance look elegant. The very bright side of blue jeans is it goes well with literally everything. Having a couple of blue jeans would push aside the reoccurring worry of what trousers should be worn with the outfit.

A Pair of Monochrome Sneakers monochrome sneakers are perfect for nailing a casual look. It’s a must-have. It is desirable to have them in black or white. This makes the sneakers fit well with any outfit.

Brown Chinos if you need a switch from wearing blue jeans, brown chinos come up as the best alternative. It fits perfectly with shirts, t-shirts, hooded sweatshirts and so on.

A Jean Jacket although it’s not everyday wear, jean jackets always come in handy. You could wear them on carefully selected t-shirts to look very dashing. It is best to have this in black or blue.

Dress Shoes Or Lace-up Shoes dress shoes speak for themselves. The basic advantage of this item is it goes with anything. The suitable colors to have this in are brown or black.

T-shirts t-shirts are very comfortable and easy to slip on. They are a perfect choice for nailing that cool evening look. It’s appropriate to have these with little or no designs at all because they come off as very mature.

A Suit this could be a 3 piece or a 2 piece suit. It’s essential to have at least one of each. They are a perfect choice for a stunning look and also a must-have. Black or Navy Blue are the most appropriate colors to have.

A Time Piece the timepiece is the most important accessory for a guy. The wrong color or type of timepiece could alter a look completely. This overemphasizes its importance. It’s apt to have at least 1 black, 1 brown, and 1 sports timepiece.

A Brown Belt Brown belts go excellently well with brown shoes. So, to rightly wear Brown footwear, a Brown belt is required.

These items would definitely help guys look sharp and trendy all the time.