3 Ultimate Things Men Must Consider When Shopping for Casual Summer Button-down Shirts

Most people enjoy and always look out for the summer season. To them, this is the season where they can comfortably showcase the quality of their wardrobe through their outfit.

Be it corporate wears, home, or casual wears, such people always want to stand out unique with clothing that feels great, fits them, and also show that they are meticulous about what they put on.

Others, on the other hand, feel some sense of embarrassment probably due to careless mistakes on their choice of clothing.

Take a pause here and get the right tips you should always remember when going for your summer shirts shopping. Let’s check it out.

Light Fabric That Is Breathable Is the Best

The choice of your fabric plays an important role in the comfort you get from your summer shirt. Feeling, yes you can tell a fabric that light by mere feeling but beyond this, you can conduct the breathability test.

This simply means placing the fabric of a shirt over your mouth and then you try to breathe through it. A light and breathable fabric shouldn’t give you difficulty pushing air through.

The breathability test with two to three shirts will help you choose the best summer shirt when shopping. Also, you can hold the shirt again the sun and try to look through if you can see little holes in the weaves.

If you do, its sure the shirt is light and breathable. Don’t just go with the assumption that a lightweight fabric is always breathable. Twill, for example, is lightweight but air doesn’t pass through it.

Take Note of Your Shirt’s Length

Once your shirt completely covers your backside or butt, you can tell that the shirt is too long. For a summer shirt that is meant to be worn untucked, you should make sure they don’t end up too long on you.

Furthermore, you can tell if your shirt is too long when it is covering your crotch area completely.

In as much as you don’t want your summer shirts to be too long, you can keep a balance so that it doesn’t stay too short on you. You can tell if a shirt that is too short when your midsection is exposed as you raise your hands with the said shirt on.

Make Sure Your Summer Shirt Has A Relaxed Fitting

Since you may possibly not be wearing a jacket over your summer casual shirt because the weather may not permit you, your shirt has to be fitting without giving room for hotspots that may dent your outfit.

If you are not wearing a jacket, there is no way to hide and such hotspots. For this reason, you should choose a summer shirt that doesn’t have excess fabric in the chest area and one that rests perfectly on your shoulder. Remembers, summer casual shirts are supposed to fit perfectly.

You should always begin your shopping by looking out for shirts with a looser and a more relaxed fit.

Very important about this is the fact is that tight shirts, especially in the summertime, are prone to irritation and sweat that may flaw your outfit.

Consider these few tips, sure your casual outfit will give you a better and befitting look. Still want more info on your casual look, read more tips on men’s casual wear.