4 Trendy Ways To Rock A Denim Jacket

The world of fashion has evolved over the years with models rocking the runways with fun trends. Some of these trends tend to stand the test of time, a perfect example is the denim jacket. This iconic piece has been in existence since the 1900s and has not been in trend. One of the major reasons this is so, is its versatility. This piece has the ability to give your outfit an extra edge for that fashionable chic and forward look. Although this piece can be worn always, there are a few ways to give it a special theme.

Here are 4 trendy ways to rock a denim jacket;

Formal Look

Sometimes it is difficult to get a piece that blends in perfectly with any style of dressing. However, you can pull this off, with a denim jacket. No matter what job you have, you can rock a denim jacket and still look formal and classy. For ladies, you can rock this look with a pleated skirt, a shirt, and heels. Guys can easily wear this with trousers made of any fabric apart from jeans.
This look is generally accepted and wouldn’t have the manager of human resources on your neck.

Casual And Street Look

A large percentage of people would totally approve of the fact that the denim jacket is meant for a casual look. While no one can give a definite reason for this perception, one thing is for sure, you can achieve this look effortlessly. For a casual look suitable for hanging out with friends, as well as, a Friday at work, here are some options;

For ladies, pair a nude body-con gown with mules and finish with an oversized denim jacket. This is chic, comfortable, and suitable for both settings.

For the guys; you can pair your denim jacket with a tee-shirt, bold colored shorts, and a sneaker.

These options are both comfortable and fashion-forward for that street and casual look.

Denim On Denim Look

Like prints and patterns, denim on denim does work! At first, it was thought to be a bit too much, however, you can get away with this look if done properly. The key to achieving this look flawlessly is pairing denim pieces of different shades of blue and texture.

For instance, pairing blue denim pants of a dark shade with a shirt of a pale blue shade works, as opposed to wearing one shade.

Layered Look

A lot of people might not understand why this look is trendy, however, it is fashionable. For the layered look, you would be pairing your denim jacket with other clothing. You can either, wear your denim jacket over a plain tee-shirt, or under an oversized jacket. This look goes perfectly with a chic skirt and a pair of pants.

It is also important to incorporate accessories into your outfits for a unique look. Rock any of these looks and look fashionable all year long.