5 Reasons You Should Be Reading a Popular Fashion Blog

The American apparel market reaches close to $400 billion annually and that number continues to climb. With more options than ever, how is a stylish fashionista supposed to stay on trend?

Social platforms, like Instagram or TikTok, can help connect people around the world with rising fashion trends. A large amount of information can feel scattered and overwhelming at times.

Once you find a style that speaks to you, you want to stick with it to find out where to shop and how to make it work for you. That’s why you need to follow a popular fashion blog.

From the latest runway hits to DIY fashion trends, fashion blogs can help every fashionista develop their personal style. Here are five reasons why you need to find a blog that’s perfect for you.

History of Fashion Magazines and Blogs

Fashion blogs are the latest updated version of fashion magazines. Finding fashion inspiration has always been a concern, probably stretching all the way back to cave man-days.

While there was always some sort of fashion information you could find, the genre really kicked off with the birth of fashion magazines. The first fashion rag as we know them can be traced back to 1806 but that was only the beginning.

From there, editors, writers, photographers, illustrators, and stylists helped guide the fashion styles throughout the centuries. From prim and proper Victorian outfits to the wild teenage rebellion of modern mags, these pictures, photos, and articles helped readers find their look.

It’s only natural that as technology progressed, so did the way fashion inspiration reached readers. Ordinary people began publishing fashion advice in online blogs, leading to the rise of influencer culture and fashionista blogs.

Now, you don’t need a subscription to discover the latest trends. You only need to find out which online blogger has the advice that fits your style.

That’s just one reason to follow an online fashion blog. Here are five more that will help inspire you to look and feel your best.

1. No More Wondering ‘What Should I Wear?’

Have you ever thrown open your closet and thought that you don’t have a stitch to wear? You could be up to your nose in clothes and still feel like you can’t put a decent outfit together.

You’ve got all of the pieces but not the blueprint. What you need is a little online fashion inspiration to help guide you to build the right outfits.

Find a fashion blogger that has the same style that you like and start seeing if you can build outfits like they do. There’s no shame in copying other’s outfits when you’re first starting out.

Remove all doubt about what to wear for every occasion. Find your online inspiration to cement your fashion foundation.

2. DIY Fashion Trends and Tricks

What if you can’t find exactly what you want to wear online? Do you have ideas but never seem to be able to find the right pieces to complete your look?

What you need is a fashion blog that can tell you how to DIY your own fashion creations. If you’re not great at sewing, these crafty gurus can show you tips and tricks to create the right outfit.

Don’t burn yourself with a glue gun or stitch and a crooked seam. Find a blogger who can guide and inspire your DIY fashion trends.

3. Be Eco-Friendly

Have you heard about sustainable fashion? It’s a movement to end harmful practices in the fashion industry.

That includes ethically sourced clothing, non-harmful fabrics and materials, and up-cycling existing clothing. However, followers of this fashion movement aren’t behind the times at all.

Sustainable fashion is gaining in popularity. Not only is the movement itself on-trend the clothes are also incredibly stylish.

If you want to stay on top of what’s trendy and also eco-friendly, you need to find a sustainable fashion blogger to follow. Do the right thing for the earth while also looking like you’ve stepped off the runway.

4. Inspiration Without Borders

It used to take the latest fashion pics from Paris a long time to show up on our shores. If you’re interested in international fashion, you no longer have to wait for niche magazines to finally bring the information you crave to you.

Fashion bloggers are hard at work documenting the latest trends in every time zone. Your next great idea could come from half a world away.

It’s important to see what’s trending in the biggest cities around the world. You might be able to spot the next hottest trend before it reaches your shores.

5. Find Your Community

There’s plenty of advertisements that show an average range of sizes and shapes. Of course, companies have to appeal to everybody and try to make their products look amazing, but what if you’re outside of average?

People’s bodies come in all shapes and sizes and so should fashion. Some forward-thinking stylish clothing companies are realizing this and incorporating more inclusive advertisements and products into their lines.

If you’re taller than average, plus size, petite, or more, you need a fashion blogger who knows the struggles you face and can still put a great look together. Your fashion community is waiting online, you just have to discover them.

Don’t come home from every shopping trip feeling frustrated and depressed. Find out what fashion fits you best by following bloggers who understand your special needs.

Find a Popular Fashion Blog

Now that you know why you need to find a popular fashion blog, you just need to find the right one. Once you know what you’re looking for — whether it’s sustainable clothing, the latest trends in China, petite outfit ideas, or all of the above — you can start searching for your niche.

Your style is ever-evolving, even if you stick with one type of look all of the time. You never know what’s waiting for you out there until you start looking for it.

Are you ready to feel inspired and update your wardrobe with the latest trends? We’ve made it easy for you — follow our fashion blog for the latest ideas!

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