6 DIY Fashion Trends to Try This Summer

You know we’re all about the latest fashion trends and style ideas. What we’re not about is throwing out perfectly good clothing and replacing your wardrobe with whatever was latest to hit the racks!

There are plenty of ways to get the most out of your clothing and wear them for years to come. How can you make sure that your slow fashion clothing isn’t just in good shape but looks good, too?

We’re here to talk about DIY fashion trends that you can experiment with this summer. With these fashion hacks, you can take your wardrobe from tired to inspired! 

Read on for six DIY summer 2021 trends that you won’t want to miss!

1. Painted Denim

Denim pieces have a long lifespan, from jeans to jackets. Variations of denim staples are also always in style.

Right now, we’re seeing a shift away from skinny jeans after years of fitted domination! For better or for worse (depending on your preferences), the younger generations are gravitating toward looser, more relaxed jeans and slacks.

That doesn’t mean that your skinny jeans need to be tossed out! There are still ways to give them a second life, and giving them a custom paint job is one of them.

More important than fit is boldness and individuality. Grab some acrylic paint, fabric paint, or fabric markers, and a lead pencil.

Start by penciling out your design so you can make adjustments as needed. Place a piece of cardboard or a plastic bag inside the jeans (or jacket) that your painting or drawing on to prevent bleeding. Make sure your design is completely dry before wearing your newly decked-out denim and handwash only!

2. Tie-Dye

That’s right, tie-dye is back, baby! Of course, this time, it has a bit of a modern twist.

Depending on your age (looking at you, 90s kids!) you probably grew up tie-dying old t-shirts and socks in the summer. Back in the day, we tended to slap every color of the rainbow on our old clothing.

Now, we’re using the same tie-dye techniques, but we’re seeing a more selective and thoughtful color scheme. For example, black clothing with a bleached tie-dye effect is booming. We’re also seeing pastel tie-dye on men and women, alike. 

3. Unique Graphic Tees

Some variation of the graphic tee is always in style. In the mid-2000s, we saw a rise of the ironic or goofy graphic tee. The main stronghold of the 2010s and beyond has been the graphic band tee, and we’re here for it.

Now, the best way to stay on trend is to create a graphic tee so unique, people will be asking how you ever found it! Of course, hunting through thrift stores is a great way to make your wardrobe unique. However, there is another faster way that involves some iron-on vinyl patches and some old t-shirts.

In fact, there are plenty of websites and even craft stores that will allow you to make iron-on vinyl patches out of just about any image. Make a unique tee sporting your favorite TV characters or show off your favorite member of your favorite band!

4. Relaxed Denim Cutoffs

We mentioned earlier that relaxed jeans and slacks are all the rage these days. The same goes for shorts. We’re seeing a major comeback of the 90s-style relaxed denim cutoff, equipped with a carpenter strap and everything!

How can you incorporate these relaxed jean shorts into your wardrobe without going shopping? Dig through your closet for your old pairs of high-waisted boyfriend jeans and grab a pair of scissors!

The length you choose is up to you, although we suggest going about mid-thigh or higher. Remember, you can always start on the longer side and cuff the legs–or keep cutting. Cuffing will prevent frayed edges will an uncuffed leg will fray naturally–and the good news is, both are in style, so it’s totally up to you!

5. Baby Tees

For the past few years, we’ve all been loving the high-waisted bottom matched with a cute, fitted crop top. In fact, we’ve even heard people attribute the look to 90s fashion.

Believe it or not, crop tops weren’t all the rage in the 90s. Baby tees were! 

What’s the difference between a crop top and a baby tee? As we mentioned earlier, crop tops are usually fitted–or at the very least, were designed to stop above the hips and below the waist. 

Baby tees, on the other hand, are more relaxed and casual. To make your own baby tee, grab a t-shirt that’s on the snug (but not super tight) side and cut off the bottom so it lands around your navel. Graphic and branded (think Tommy Hilfiger or vintage Old Navy) t-shirts are absolutely perfect for this look!

6. Bleach Patterned Jeans

Looking for another way to rejuvenate your jeans? Do you want to create a bold but understated pattern that paint can’t quite achieve? You may have luck with bleach.

Before we go on, remember that bleach requires serious care and attention. It shouldn’t be mixed with other chemicals. You should also wear the proper safety gear (we recommend gloves and goggles) when handling bleach and you need to do so in a well-ventilated space.

Once you have all the right safety measures in place, you can start creating your bleach pattern. Use a paintbrush to paint your pattern onto your jeans and let it sit for one hour to one day before washing. The longer it sits, the more contrast you’ll get–but remember, bleach interacts with different shades of denim differently!

Breathe Life Into Your Wardrobe With These DIY Fashion Trends

DIY fashion is one of our favorite ways that trends and style ideas come to life. With these DIY fashion trends, you can breathe life into your wardrobe without wasting your old clothes or your money!

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