7 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Summer Outfits

Choosing summer outfits is easy right? You just throw on a dress and slip on some sandals and you’re done. Wrong!

Sure, it seems simple enough since wearing fewer clothes means less chance of color clashes and style mistakes. But it can sometimes be tricky to transition into warm-weather dressing, especially if you’ve been hiding under a heavy coat all winter. 

From inappropriate accessories to ill-fitting clothes, read on to find out when choosing summer outfit mistakes you need to avoid to stay comfortable and fashionable when the temperatures soar. 

1. Black Accessories

You’ve got different outfits for different seasons but what about your accessories? 

Your trusty black purse and boots might be perfect for combining with your camel coat in the midst of winter or dressing up your favorite athleisure looks. But black accessories are too dark and heavy-looking to wear with light and floaty summer outfits. 

So, before you blow your summer outfit budget on floral dresses, make sure to invest in new summer outfit accessories such as a basket bag or a cream purse.  Don’t worry about buying shoes that match though. Sandals in light neutral colors such as white, nude, or gold are super versatile and stylish for a summer outfit.

2. Exposed Underwear

Don’t get us wrong, we’re all for letting a little of your pink lacy bra show at the top of your white tank. Or unbuttoning your button-down shirt just enough to show off a flash of black lace. After all, if Carrie Bradshaw from Sex in the City was a fan of visible underwear, it must be fashionable. 

But some underwear is meant to stay hidden undershirts and pants. You know the kind we mean, the almost gray but super comfortable big panties and the bras with thick shoulder straps. No one wants to see those, ever. And especially not poking out from a summer dress or cutting into your butt under a cute new pair of shorts. 

Nude high-cut panties are often a good choice for summer as they won’t cut into your butt or show through white shorts, skirts, and pants. As for your bra, make sure it’s either the same color as your top or enough of a contrast to look cool. And if you’re a fan of racerback tanks, buy a multiway bra for a more streamlined look. 

3. Short, Tight Clothing

While hot weather often means that less is more, going too short or too tight is never a good look. 

Stretchy bodycon dresses and hot pants might seem like a great way to show off your body and keep cool. But tight clothes mean less air circulation, causing you to overheat. What’s more, these items are far from comfortable as they tend to ride up and need pulling down every five minutes. 

Floaty dresses are the best way to keep cool and look stylish. Or, if you prefer shorts, go for culottes or slinky boxer-style shorts with an oversized t-shirt or loose tank. 

4. Heavy Makeup

What’s one of the best summer outfit accessories around? A fresh face full of freckles!

While experimenting with new looks is fun, makeup should always be about enhancing what you have rather than changing your appearance entirely. But this is especially true in summer when your naturally glowing and sun-kissed skin should shine through.  

What’s more, minimal makeup is your friend in hot weather. Caking on layers of foundation clogs pores and stops your skin from breathing, causing breakouts and inflammation. Swap your foundation for BB cream or a light tinted moisturizer and opt for brown mascara and eyeliner over heavy black eye makeup. 

5. Layering Up

We know it’s hard for all you fashionistas to drop the layers in summer. After all, a smart wool overcoat can turn your gym clothes into a stylish athleisure ensemble while a leather jacket gives more feminine pieces added edge. 

Often it’s the way we combine layers that can set us apart and define our style. But layering up in summer means that you’ll either end up sweating it out or carrying a pile of extra clothes around with you all day. 

During the hotter months, embrace being able to get dressed with one or two items. You can always add personality to a summer outfit by forgoing shoes that match and opting for sneakers or adding some daring jewelry pieces. 

6. Fabric Faux Pas

In the same way that short, tight clothing can be uncomfortable in summer, there are some fabrics that are best avoided when the temperatures rise. 

Leather is an obvious no-no, even if you’re dying to show off how cute your leather skirt looks with a tan. The same goes for wool, velvet, and any other thick fabrics we’d usually reserve for winter. Synthetic fabrics like polyester can also be uncomfortable as they tend to provoke excess sweating.

Instead, always go for breathable natural fabrics like linen, cotton, and silk to ensure you feel as cool as you look. 

7. Beach Dressing in the City

It’s a common mistake to spend your entire summer outfit budget on bikinis, kaftans, and sarongs for that beach trip you’ve been looking forward to for months. But don’t even think about trying to make these pieces work in the city. 

While beach clothes look great for sipping cocktails by the ocean, rubber flip flops and a transparent dress are not an appropriate look for pounding the pavements. 

That’s not to say you can’t bring the spirit of your beach holiday to the city. Elevated leather flip flops can help dress down tailored shorts or a shift dress. Likewise, tropical prints, a crochet tank, or a shell necklace can help inject some summer vibes into your city wardrobe. 

Avoid These Mistakes When Choosing Summer Outfits

With these tips to guide you, avoiding these common summer dressing mistakes just got a whole lot easier. 

While summer clothes can mean less scope for experimentation or self-expression, you can still play with different trends, prints, and details to ensure that you look great while staying cool and comfortable. 

Need more help choosing summer outfits? Check out this selection of cute looks for the ultimate hot weather wardrobe inspiration. 

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