7 Favorite Fashion And Trend Blogs In 2021

You’d think that with all that’s gone on in the recent past, that fashion blogs would’ve taken a dive, but in reality, there are more and more that continue to pop up these days!

It’s so exciting to see fashion blogs that celebrate more than just high-end style. You’ve got all different types of new style stars showcasing everything from budget-friendly style to combination high-end and mainstream options, to yes – the ultimate in high-end glam fashion as well.

So since there’s so much variety in fashion and trend blogs out there, we’ve chosen a few of the best we’ve found, highlighting their authenticity, style, and originality.

Check out their blogs and Instagram accounts for some eternal inspiration!

1. We Wore What | Danielle Bernstein

Danielle created her We Wore What blog to provide daily outfit inspiration and is now a designer, CEO, investor, and author.

This inspiring powerhouse just beautifully does it all, and she was placed on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list before the age of 25!

Check out this fashion blogger on Instagram for stunning, effortless inspiration.

https://www.instagram.com/p/CLPjbTppK_R/ (embed this IG post)

2. Glamazon Diaries | Makeda

Makeda is an “OG fashion blogger” based in Brooklyn. This chic, vibrant girl with a sassy and feminine style is your go-to when you want to be fashionably glam!

She started her blog Glamazon Diaries in 2007 and she’s one of the OG’s when it comes to fashion blogs.

As a long-time influencer in the body-positive movement, Makeda shows that women of all shapes and sizes can without a doubt dress for their shape, and not break the bank.

She combines luxury and high street brands into every look to make style accessible for all.

We love how she shows off every detail in her fashion pursuits, and shares with us how to shop a look without breaking the bank (unless we want to)!

https://www.instagram.com/p/CLRn24jr7WW/ (embed this IG post)

3. Grece Ghanem

While she only posts to her Instagram, and not actually to a traditional blog, Grece Ghanem is an ageless beauty icon with incredible style.

With her classic grey bob, oversized sunglasses, and stunningly styled looks in gorgeous colors, patterns, and fabrics, this woman is chic and incredibly classic.

Her confidence is inspiring and shows us all that aging gracefully need not be complicated or impossible.

While many of her looks are considered “luxury fashion”, the inspiration behind them can feed any sized budget.

It’s not about brand flaunt, but more about style and repurposing what you’ve already got.

https://www.instagram.com/p/CHihbzJF6n3/ (embed this IG post)

4. Day By Tsu | Tsutsumi Hoang

Tsutsumi Hoang’s style is as flawless as her skin! She blogs at Day By Tsu, primarily about fashion (especially accessories like statement earrings and bold necklaces), beauty, and her “Small Talks” diary-style entries.

She talks about her favorite things (non-fashion-related, too), curates playlists to fit every mood, and shares her fave hair trends each season.

Fashion is obviously about clothing and accessories, and Tsu’s looks are timeless, flowing and so well put together you’d think she were a model.

But what really shines is her glowing makeup, soft style, and the perfect eyeliner wings.

https://www.instagram.com/p/CHKW8VDse81/ (embed this IG post)

5. High Low Luxxe | JENEE’

This fashion blogger’s mission is to make style attainable by showing us how to incorporate a balance of what’s personally attainable to anyone.

She shares her love by teaching others how to mix both high street and luxury brands with everything from $60 denim jeans to a leather corset belt priced nearly at 4 figures.

One of the best things about Jenee’ is that she doesn’t stop with fashion. Check out her blog High Low Luxxe for everything that goes with it, like beauty, lifestyle, travel, and home decor.

Her ability to show her style in such a relaxed, true-to-self kind of way is truly inspiring, and what’s more trendy than loving your life and
making the most of it? We hope that trend never, ever disappears!

https://www.instagram.com/p/CKy1fNILiIa/ (embed this IG post)

6. Shot From The Street | Lizzy Hadfield

Lizzy serves up fashion and photography with a bubbly personality and a truly wicked sense of humor, as is best shown on her YouTube fashion vlog.

She’s an accomplished podcaster and a published author, as well as having a great, low-key style to be envied!

Relaxed, but well put together matches are the highlight of her fashion posts and she really carries off just about any look she shares!

Her most popular video blogs are her hauls, the ones where she tries out basics, and the ones where she shows lists or multiple ways to style the same article of clothing.

https://www.instagram.com/p/CLMTw8An3PJ/ (embed this IG post)

7. Frassy Audrey | Audrey Leighton

Meet fashion blog owner Audrey Leighton — photographer, writer, and style influencer with an eye-pleasing love of all things vintage and classic.

Her artsy style is reminiscent of a cross between Coco Chanel, Audrey Hepburn, and Sophia Loren.

Anyone smitten with those style icons will fall madly in love with Audrey’s sense of fashion, the grace of her words, and the incredible skill in how she describes the trends she’s fallen for.

https://www.instagram.com/p/CKZRkZwJ5gW/ (embed this IG post)

Emerging Fashion Blogs and Best Fashion Blogger Instagrams

Stay tuned as we like to regularly update whenever we find new, amazing fashion blogs and trends (on Instagram, too)!

Please don’t hesitate to comment with your favorite recommendations, and maybe they’ll make it into our very next post.

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