8 Easy-Breezy Summer Styles for Work and Play

Are you trying to have a massive amount of summer style that rival the best cover girls? Just because you’ve got to work this summer doesn’t mean that your style has to suffer.

You can take your office style and spruce it up so that it reflects the warmth of the sweet summer sunshine. In this article, we are going to give you some tips about how to turn office chic into a fantastic summertime wardrobe.

1. Think About Incorporating Patterns

You can easily take an office wardrobe and turn it into something flouncy and fun by playing with different patterns. Patterns are an excellent addition to your wardrobe because there are many patterns and colors to choose from.

The best part about patterns, especially plaid stripes, is that you can make them professional wear. For example, if you’re going to wear patterned pants to work and want to ensure that its professional enough for the office, you can pair it with a solid top to contrast the pattern.

2. Midi Skirts are In

The best part about midi skirts is that they come in several styles that will compliment anyone’s shape. And when you’re thinking of a skirt that’s appropriate to wear to work, think about a belted trench coat midi skirt.

It’s such a classic look that can be worn at work with a tucked-in understated shirt. Or you can wear a shirt that shows off your arms and shoulders when you’re trying to make yourself believe that your outside enjoying the sunlight instead of being stuck inside.

When you choose a skirt, it can be interchanged with the top as the focal point of the outfit. The skirt can be vibrant in color with a muted shirt or the shirt you’re wearing can be bright and popping while the skirt is understated.

3. Denim Screams Summertime

The thing about denim is when you wear it; you’ve got to style it the right way. Denim is okay to wear to work, but there are some ways to increase its office appeal.

You can make denim professional by wearing a blazer with the denim. However, when wearing a blazer, you must choose one light in color because transitioning the blazer from the office to outside, you’ll want to stay cool.

Under the blazer, you can wear a light-colored shirt to brighten the outfit.
However, on the opposite side, when wearing denim, if you opt to wear lighter colored denim, the jacket and shirt that you wear should be darker in color.

It’s all about balancing the colors so that they don’t overpower each other when you’re wearing them.

4. Wear Wrapped Tops

Wearing wrapped tops automatically adds a dramatic effect to any outfit that you’re wearing. The wrapped look also adds a romantic flare when you’re thinking about wearing it during a summer night.

You can pair the top with an ankle-length skirt when you’re wearing it to work, or you can choose a straight-legged pant to wear it with.

One of the beautiful things about wrapped tops is that you can accessorize and enhance the outfit. The top that you choose can be the pop of color that ties all of your accessories and the rest of the outfit together.

5. Try A Slip dress

Slip dresses are simple and can be purchased in many colors. A slip dress is easy to transition between being in the office and going outside.

When you’re in the office, you can wear a long cardigan of some type to make it office-appropriate. When you’re wearing it out into the summer weather, you can either wear the slip dress by itself or make the look edgier by wearing a leather motorcycle jacket.

When you wear a slip dress is the best time to wear bold and chunky jewelry. The muted color or the bright color of the dress that you’re wearing can allow your jewelry to be the standout piece of the outfit.

6. Try The Mix and Match

One thing that is making a statement this summer is mixing and matching clothing items. Whether your mixing bold colors with different silhouettes or patterns and prints, try mixing and matching.

You’ll never know what looks best with what unless you try it on. Mixing and matching prints may go against everything you’ve ever heard about matching your colors and prints, but there’s a fun aspect to pairing clothing items together and creating a magical look.

Mixing and matching also increase the number of options that you have when you need a new outfit.

7. Pencil Skirts Aren’t Restricted to the office

When you think of a pencil skirt majority of the time, you believe it’s strictly meant for the office. This is simply not true; a pencil skirt can be worn in the office and outside of the office.

When in the office, you could pair it with a poet’s blouse as a means of adding something flowery to the structure fit of the skirt. When you’re outside of the office, you can easily pair the skirt with a strapless sweetheart neckline top with a bomber jacket thrown around your shoulders.

Or you could wear a top that is one shoulder and bright in color. Anyone can rock a pencil skirt like a boss with the right top, shoes, and accessories.

8. Think Glamour

Many dresses can’t be worn to work because they are overly extravagant that it wouldn’t make sense. But, there is a hack that will make any simple gown office worthy.

By placing a white t-shirt under a sparkle and pizzazz dress, you turn it into a dress that you can wear to work. Your co-workers will be asking you if that’s the same dress that you wore to the company Christmas party last year.

We won’t tell your secret if you won’t.

Summer Styles Meet the Office

When your thinking of ways to move your summer styles between the office and outside, there are many ways to accomplish this. We hope that the advice we’ve given above will help you to turn up the heat of your style choices.

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