8 Tips to Choosing Summer Outfit Accessories for Beginners

Summer 2020 is dwindling down. Paris Fashion Week took place all the way back in March and, already, brands are starting to debut their Fall/Winter lines. Yet, for many of us, we’re just getting the first opportunity to show off our summer 2020 style. You fashionable ladies probably already know about the best summer outfit trends. Summer outfit accessories can be a little more difficult to pin down, though. That’s why we’re bringing you this guide. 

From the essential summer day bag to this season’s perfect pair of shades, we scoured the runways and stores for the best accessory trends of summer 2020. 

Do you want to know which trendy accessories are a must-have this summer and which you can live without? Then keep reading because this guide to summer 2020 accessories is for you!

1. Ditch Your Neon Jewelry for Something More Refined

Summer 2020 calls for you to put away the shell necklaces and bright boho beads of seasons past for something a little more classic. That’s because, this summer, chunky gold jewelry is all the rage. 

Gold jewelry is a classic for a reason— it looks good with nearly any skin tone and goes with almost any outfit you can dream up. Plus, you can incorporate this trend into your wardrobe for an affordable price. Or choose a single piece that will be the starting point for all of your summer fits. 

2. Choose a Tote That Can Stand Up to the Sand and Sun

Searching for the ideal bag to last through long days at the beach without fading or staining? Look no further than the straw logo bags that seem to be on every store’s shelves this summer. Even better: these bags are seriously roomy, so you can fit a change of clothes or even a beach umbrella without blinking an eye. 

From Loewe to Jacquemus, it seems like every designer is getting in on this trend. That’s good news for you because it means there’s a straw bag out there for every price range

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Make Underwear Outer Wear

One of the top trends on the spring/summer runways this year was underwear as outerwear. Models displayed monochrome and statement bralettes under suit jackets and blazers. This look may not be suited for work, but it’s an absolute staple for nighttime fits. 

Other ways to wear this trend this summer include wearing bralettes over t-shirts and under on-trend cardigans. You could even rock this style at the beach with an open-front swim cover-up and a lingerie-inspired swim top.

To keep your underwear-as-outer wear look from making a major fashion faux pas, check out our guide to summer outfit mistakes to avoid

4. Go For Comfortable Daytime Shoes

Think chunky sandals are only for dads? Think again because Birkenstock-style sandals are one summer trend that everyone seems to be getting in on. Considering how comfortable these shoes are for all-day wearing, it’s no wonder. 

Plain leather sandals are perfect for any minimalist wardrobe. Some brands feature florals and pastels on their chunky shoes, ideal for romantic and feminine styles. With a variety of styles and some serious comfort, these shoes won’t be going out of style for the foreseeable future. 

5. Belt In That Waist

Having a defined waist will always be in style, whether it’s summer, winter, or anything in between. This summer, the bigger the belt, the better. Width is everything with this trend, so don’t be afraid to add three small belts together to get the look.

Cinch in flowy summer dresses for a more clean cut look. Or belt your favorite summer suit at the waist for a stylish, statement at the office. 

6. Get Inspired by the 90s

Want to know the #1 trend that’s been popping up everywhere this season? 90s-inspired everything was all over the runway and, now, lines the shelves of all your favorite stores. From dainty anklets to bucket hats, 1990s trends are everywhere.

Our favorite way to incorporate the 90s style into your wardrobe is with the compact baguette bag. Fendi made the baguette popular before Sex and City solidified its iconic status. Now, designers are breathing new life into this old classic, and you can find the perfect baguette bag for the day, night, and everything in between. 

7. Protect Your Eyes in Style

Sunglasses are a classic summer staple. They’re cool, practical, and will liven up any fit. Summer shades come in so many different shapes and colors, styles, and prices, you can upgrade your hot weather wardrobe without breaking your budget.

This summer is all about the cat-eye sunglasses shape. Pick up a pair of neon-colored acrylic cat-eye shades or go for a funky wire-rimmed pair. Whether your face is round, oval, or even square, cat-eye summer sunglasses will work for you.

8. Cap It All Off

Are those shades not enough to keep the hot summer sun off your face? Then it’s a good thing baseball caps are totally in this season. Whether you need to hide day two hair or protect sensitive skin, a baseball cap is a perfect addition to your summer casual wear.

If the sporty look isn’t your style, a straw hat will do just as well. Wide brim beach hats and ladylike hats with pastel-colored bows will pair beautifully with your summer florals. 

Get All Your Summer Outfit Accessories Ready To Go

Summer outfit accessories don’t have to be boring. Chunky gold chain necklaces and sporty baseball hats can help liven up any old fit this summer. So, keep this guide in mind next time you brave the world outside for some much-needed retail therapy. 

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