8 Ways to Live the Fashion Lifestyle

Being fashionable isn’t a quality that you’re born with, it’s a way of life that you have to invest time into.

That being said, living the fashion lifestyle doesn’t have to be difficult. It’s all about letting your personality shine through in your clothes and accessories while keeping an eye on the latest trends and fads.

In this post, we’re going to give you some tips for living this fashion lifestyle to its fullest extent. Follow these 8 guiding principles and you’ll be the one that turns heads on the street and the person that all your friends ask for fashion advice.

1. Pay Attention

Probably the most important thing to take away from this post, if you’re chasing fashion sense, is to pay attention to your surroundings. When you’re walking around town, pay attention to the people walking by to get inspiration for your own look. Combine that with keeping your ear to the ground on the latest fads and researching what new things designers are coming out with.

Brilliant fashion sense doesn’t appear out of thin air, it’s a combination of picking up on style trends that come and go and developing your own unique style. 

2. Wear Clothes That Fit

Knowing your body is a big part of the fashion lifestyle. If you don’t have clothes that are well-tailored, it’s not going to matter how chic and extravagant your wardrobe is. Wear clothes that fit and you’ve done half the work right there.

There are two distinct ways to go about making sure your clothes fit. One is to spend more time trying things on and only buying something when it fits perfectly. The problem with this is that it can be restricting when you’re in boutiques or second-hand shops and you don’t have the luxury of trying many different sizes.

Your second, and better option, is having a great tailor that you’re comfortable bringing your clothes to. This will ensure that your entire wardrobe looks great on you.

3. Research New Brands

Fashion is a tricky game because the mainstream is dominated by just a few key players. If you really want to be fashionable, then you’ve got to venture beyond the mainstream stuff from time to time.

Spend time researching new brands and designers to see what the next wave of fashion experts are doing with their clothes. If you can’t get your hands on these items, you’ll at least know what to look for when you go shopping.

4. Developing Personal Style Over Time

Developing a distinct, fashionable look doesn’t happen overnight because you decided you want to live a fashionable lifestyle. Your personal style is something you’re going to be working at for months and years to come because fashion never stops changing based on who or what is making waves. 

You can be cerebral and methodical, planning out your wardrobe, or you can just let feeling dictate what your clothes look like. Choose items that resonate with you personally and, before you know it, you’ll have. a full wardrobe of clothes and accessories that make up your personal style. 

5. Understanding Color, Pattern, Texture

Following your gut is hugely important, but you do need to have some understanding of how colors, patterns, and textures interact with each other. Your clothes and accessories don’t have to match, but they should complement each other in a way that fits with your style.

The key here is maintaining fearlessness when it comes to playing around with color, pattern, and texture. Toss a few items on the bed before you get dressed to mix and match and find the perfect combination, then keep a mental inventory of what works and what doesn’t. Over time, you’ll develop an innate sense of what kind of “looks” you prefer.

6. It’s Quality, Not Quantity

A lot of people think having a great fashionable look means that you have to have 3 closets full of clothes to choose from, but it’s simply untrue. Of course, it’s a nice luxury to have a large and varied selection of items, but you’re not actually going to wear most of that stuff.

The best thing you can do for your burgeoning fashion lifestyle, and your own sanity, is to build a capsule wardrobe. This is a small selection of 15-20 items that you can mix and match without much thought. Most of the time, it contains your most cherished items and, for that reason, you need to take care of them so that they last a long time. 

When you have a strong capsule wardrobe, you can peer into the rest of your closet when inspiration strikes and make small additions to add flavor to your look on any given day. This is the true hallmark of being fashionable.

7. Conversation Pieces

Everyone should have a few conversation pieces in their closet; things that make people stare on the street when you walk by. It could be a big floppy hat, a flashy necklace, a vintage dress, or a pair of expensive shoes. 

Conversation pieces are important for those times when you really need to showcase your fashion sense.

8. Get Comfortable By Staying Out of Your Comfort Zone

Last but not least, you need to get comfortable with living outside of your comfort zone. No one walks into this world of fashion with unbridled confidence, but the more you challenge your tastes and fashion sense, the more comfortable you’ll be with trying things out.

You can’t live the fashion lifestyle if you’re constantly questioning whether or not something suits you or if you’re fearful of what people are going to think or say about your clothes. The reason that you’re more fashionable than the next person is because you’re comfortable with yourself and letting that come through in your wardrobe.

Find the Key to Your Fashion Lifestyle

There you have it, the key to living the fashion lifestyle is a combination of research, instinct, and fearlessness. If you want to find more great fashion tips and stay on top of the latest trends, come back and visit us again at fashiontrendlook.com, where we write about DIY fashion trends for men and women.

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