9 Mesmerizing Makeup Tips to Impress the Crowd

Makeup can play an essential role in our lives, and make a huge impact on our day-to-day routines.

Whether you’re just starting out, or have been wearing makeup for years, new makeup tips are the perfect way to shake up your routine and try something new. Pairing it with the perfect outfit is a surefire way to boost your confidence.

Read on for 9 makeup tips that are sure to help create the best look for you.

1. Concealer Doubles as Eyeshadow Primer

If you’re out of concealer, or just want to try something new, try your concealer!

Applying a thin layer on your eyelid gives the same tackiness that a primer does with some added coverage. Also using translucent powder to set the concealer makes eye shadow easier to blend.

2. Prime Lashes With Translucent Powder

Translucent powder is actually a really versatile product and is great for more than just setting your foundation.

Putting translucent on your lashes before putting on mascara helps the product cling, giving your lashes a thicker look. 

Putting it on between coats will help you achieve an even more dramatic effect. You can use a q-tip or small makeup brush to apply the powder.

You can also use this trick with baby powder.

3. Bake Your Powder

Placing a healthy layer of translucent powder under your eyes and on the high points of your face is a great way to keep your makeup from budging throughout the day.

Using a makeup sponge or big brush, place a visible layer of powder under your eyes, under your contour, on your chin, and down the bridge of your nose into the middle of your forehead.

Allow it to sit for 5-10 minutes. In this time, the heat from your skin will “bake” the makeup, causing it to oxidize and set the foundation and concealer. Excess oil will also be absorbed.

4. Never Skip Brows

This tip does not mean you should primp and pluck your way to no arches. It does mean that, no matter what look you’re going for, you should fill your eyebrows in some form or fashion.

Once you have all your makeup on, it’s easy for your eyebrows to get drowned out and look faded if they’re not made up like the rest of your face.

If you’re using an eyebrow pencil, light, feathery strokes to fill in any gaps or add some color is perfect. If you’re using a colored gel, just run the brush across your brows and then use a spoolie brush to comb everything out.

Make Your Eyebrows Fit Your Style

Again, you should never overpluck your eyebrows so much they don’t grow back, but you should experiment with different looks if you’d like!

Whether you want to glue them down and draw new ones or keep things simple with gel, remember that your look is your own.

Don’t be afraid to mix it up!

5. Learn Your Eye and Face Shape

Makeup isn’t one-size-fits-all, and neither is your face! Getting to know (and then embracing) your eye and face shape is going to help you learn how to achieve your desired effect, no matter what makeup look you’re going for.

By honoring our face’s natural shape, you get to learn what works for you and what doesn’t. Remember, just because one beauty guru does it one way doesn’t mean you have to do it the same way.

In fact, you can begin to work more wonders when you know how to flaunt what you have.

6. White Eyeliner, Not Black

While we would encourage you to wear whatever color eyeliner you’d like, this tip applies to your waterline.

Using black eyeliner on your waterline can actually make your eyes look smaller than they are. White eyeliner, though, makes your eyes appear bigger, and it even helps your eyeshadow stand out.

If you’re going for a smudged look on your lower lash line, start by lining your waterline with a white liner. From there, place the black on the outer portion of your waterline, along your lower lashes.

You can use your finger, a small brush, or even a q-tip to smudge the black to your heart’s content. Using this trick just allows your eyes to appear more bright and more awake.

7. Eyeshadow First

If you have a complicated eyeshadow look, putting it on first and then applying your face makeup is always your safest bet.

If you mess up the eyeshadow or have to remove some part of it for some reason, then you’re not going to ruin your foundation and contour in the process.

If you’re going for a dramatic undereye as well, start by applying any eyeshadow to your upper lid first, then put on your face makeup. From there, you’re safe to finish your undereye.

8. Use Tape for Winged Eyeliner

Using tape to shape your winged liner is guaranteed to make it perfectly sharp every time.

Start with lining the tape up with the outer corner of your eye, in whatever direction you want your wing to go. From there, draw a line until your happy with the wing’s distance, and then drag the tip of your liquid eyeliner down to meet your eyelid.

This draws the wing out but still allows you to easily go back and fill in any gaps in the liner.

9. Use Tissue to Set Your Lipstick

Say goodbye to faded color by the end of the night. Setting your lipstick with a tissue and translucent powder is the best way to ensure your lipstick doesn’t budge at all.

Start by blotting any excess lipstick off with a tissue. Then, place the tissue over your lips. Take your translucent setting powder and a small, fluffy brush and begin tapping the powder over your lips.

The powder removes excess moisture from the lipstick and helps to set it in place.

Remember These Makeup Tips the Next Time You’re Getting Ready

Whether you’re just starting out with makeup, or are a seasoned veteran with too many palettes to count, there’s always room to learn more. Makeup can be simple, but it can also be worn as art or a fashion statement.

Using these makeup tips in your day-to-day routine, or as a way to vamp your usual night-out look, is a perfect way to keep your skills fresh. Makeup is an endless way to experiment with your look and to give yourself the confidence to try new things!

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