A Wide Foot is all about Fitting the Right Heels!

Beauty has taken a lot of shapes and one of them being Heels is in so much demand that it becomes quite easy to say that it is one of the most loved product of the shoe industry. Gone are those days when heels were a part of parties, functions or some special occasions.

Now as time has evolved and heels have made space for common rooms, it is important to address the most happening product with proper details and volume.

Now as young as 4 years to as old as 80 years wear heels. They have also become popular among dancers who prefer performing in heels on a specialized dance form.

Heels are also breaking stereotypes all over the world as we have seen it is no more limited to a single-gender and is welcomed with all the good hearts by so many different people around the world. It can fit your desires and feet at the same time in a single pair.

There are varieties of colors, shapes,
designs, and brands that have come up to feel the essence of heels and introduced different dimensions of it with the power of creativity.

There are different types of heels available such as ankle straps, slingback, stilettos, wedge sandals, cone heels, pump, t-strap, chunky, scarpin, platform heels and more.

These all are diverse and are unique in form. Imagine for every new party you have a new pair of shoe which looks unique in taste, color combination, and properties.

All these heels cover low to mid to high heel sizes making it easier for you to choose from the wide range. Fashion Industry is the biggest consumer of heels. This profession demands heel as a necessary product.

During stylish ramp walks to fashion events, the heel has a lot to cover. As it is said that heels enhance personality and add a perfect blend of beauty and elegance that help models and actors to justify their role in the respective industry.

As we started this article, we did mention that beauty comes in all sizes and today we are going to talk about what causes a wide foot, reasons for it and what kind of heels perfectly suits this type of feet.

A wide foot happens because of the following reasons:

1. Genetics 

So, if someone in your close family has wide feet then there are chances that you may too have one. Flat feet generally lead to wide feet.

2. Age

Age plays an important role in wide feet formations. The ligaments and tendons in your body losses a little and the foot tend to expand wider and longer.

3. Swelling

There could be severe conditions that can lead to a temporary or certain medical condition that can further lead to wide feet. Edema is a medical term and can be the main reason behind it.

4. Improper Footwear

Can you even imagine that around 70 percent of people suffer from foot deformities because of improper shoe size? They are not able to get the right fit in shoe their whole life and thus it causes such a condition that the foot expands with time leading it to change everything.

Make way for the right fit

For all of those who suffer from wide feet. Let us tell you that there is nothing to worry about and you should embrace everything you have been blessed with. A wide foot is all about fitting the right shoe with perfect measurement.

People don’t focus on knowing the exact pair because there is no such size in this world that doesn’t exist. You must give proper time to find out what pair of heels suit your wide feet.

Measure your foot time to time

As you grow up, your feet tend to change their size accordingly. It does not remain the same and one should keep that in mind that as a child and as an adult the size varies a lot.

Avoid pointed-toe shoes

We have been learning a lot while all these times that a princess fitted pointed heel is all you need to grace every event with a gorgeous appearance. So, throw them away and do not let that guilt force you.

It’s just the design

Mostly the heels that you find in a nearby store are made with a particular set of people. We understand that it does address the common foot, but it is okay to accept that and move on with the perfect pair of heels for you.

It may take some hours but once you are sorted, you know where and what size to take from next time.

Let the Comfort Sink In

So, if you still think that heels can’t provide you with perfect sizes and can’t be your elite companion if you have wide feet then you are completely mistaken.

Let just understand that you may not find the same size friend next to your door, but several people have wide feet and now have found an appropriate heel size for them.

Catch different brands and tell them to measure your foot size, take some guidance and grab some help on foot size, measurement and make life easy. It is always great to seek some serious counseling before you wear that adorable piece of heels.

We are also sure that undoubtedly once you find the accurate size of heels for your feet, you are sorted. Just wear them to any occasion without fearing that you may lose the grip or fall apart.

So, ladies, get those heels up and make sure you strike comfort and balance together. Just be a little cautious when you plan to throw them away in style. Losing them can cause you a lot of expenses next time.

Wide feet, perfect heels and comfortable posture. This is all you need to strike a beautiful post that will make you feel proud of your decision of choosing heels over heels every single time.

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