Appearance Ethics Every Guy Must Know

It is very possible for a guy to badly mix dressing styles which could raise eyebrows. This is not linked to the items worn but how they have been merged. Specific appearances require specific items that must never be mismatched.

Various ethics which compliments a guy’s look would be given below:

A Casual Appearance Requires Casual Items- a casual shirt should not be mixed with suit pants and dress shoes. They do not compliment each other. A casual shirt should be mixed with either a pair of jeans or chinos and a pair of sneakers.

The Time Piece Should Compliment Either The Shoes Or The Belt– the thing about timepiece is they don’t only tell time, they complement the entire outfit. So when choosing a timepiece, the focus has to be on the footwear or the belt. If there’s sync, it’s best to proceed but if not, it should be switched.

The Shirt Should Always Fit Perfectly -shirts are just as important as trousers. They should always fit. It should never be too large or too tight, just perfect. Shirts have a tendency to take attention to other clothing items. It’s mandatory that they always fit right.

Colognes Are Just As Important –the critical thing about applying cologne is applying too much could be a big turn off. It is advisable to apply very little amount because excess use could really make a dashing guy seem not so dashing.

Trousers Should Always Be The Right Size- either jeans, chinos, or suit pants, trousers must always fit. When it’s too small, it could be really uncomfortable. When it’s too big, it makes the guy appear unkempt. On that note, the right size makes it fit right.

Clothes Should Always Be Ironed -some feel that clothes should only be Ironed to prevent germs. But that’s not the only motive behind ironing clothes. Well ironed clothes make the guy look really neat and appealing.

Shorts Should Always Be On The Knees– to wear shorts appropriately, size should be a vital factor. If it’s too long or covers the knees, it ruins the look. If it’s too short or way above the knees, it makes them look seem awkward. It should always rest on the knees.

Shoes Or Belt Should Always Look Neat– shoes that appear rough are a big turn off. Shoes and belts like other clothing items should be taken care of. One way of ensuring belts stay neat is by ensuring it is well rolled up together after use. For shoes, they should be cleaned properly after use. They should also be well kept to protect it from dust.

Not All Trends Should Be Followed- trends do not fit everyone. Some trends should be skipped and some should be followed. What should guide this is comfortability. A guy should ensure he’s cool with the requirements of a trend before hopping on it. The above ethics or rules helps guide a guy’s appearance at all times.

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