Best Attires for Men to Wear In September

The summer is about to end, it’s time for best attire for men. We need to take another look at our wardrobe and make the necessary changes for the coming month. There will be a considerable gap in the coming winter so you will get ample opportunities to attend parties, go to the beach, and fewer of those formal meetings.

It’s time to get some attire for men, we need a diverse range of clothing as you can go in a casual t-shirt in the day and you may need a light jacket for the evening. One thing is for sure; you won’t need to dress heavy to carry a dashing look.

From stitched up Italians suits to California casual shirts, you can select from various range of styles for September.

Are you lean and thin?

Well, Skinny denim and tank top preferably grey with a black stole are going to be the talk of the town among the ladies. It will be the look of the day as well throw some Ray-bans on along with a beanie hat if you want to go extra hippy.

Do you like White Tees?

This is your best chance to fancy a white tee because as soon as winter arrives, you’ll have to don heavy jackets. There are a few combinations you can try with white tees, with monkey washed denim jeans, and throw in a silver locket if you want to.

For the night donning a bomber jacket would look cool too (preferably a beige or basil green).

Is black your evergreen?

There is a lot of things you can try with black. Be bold, make a statement, and dress up in a black silk shirt with white trousers and brown oxford shoes. The ladies will have a field day looking at you.

Alternatively, black is the colour of grunge. Wake up the rock star inside of you and go black head to toe. But there is an exception, a brown belt along with brown canvass shoes will take your look to a whole new level.

Don’t like to wear Tees? Go for a shirt

If you’re not a big fan of the casual styles, you are an admirer of the formal threads. The shirts and the suites they never go out of style. Be it stripes, checks, or dull colours, September will allow you to wear your favourite formals without causing you any discomfort.

A strong suggestion: Never wear check pants with check shirts, and strip pants with stripe shirts, always try a combination among these three.

Want to take your style to the next level?

Go for suites; they will never disappoint you if there has even been perfection in any form of clothing for men, its suites. Italian, American, or British cut, it’s only a matter of choice for you and you will feel it in your eyes when you look in the mirror. No matter your height or weight. If you are wearing a suit, you did it right.

How about a hat for lunch?

Hats are classy, they are hip, and they add to the elegance. The classic sign of a gentleman is that they wear a helmet (even is sometimes). Be it a brim, flat cap, or a top hat; your face shape should determine what you should wear.

Want a mix of Causal and elegant?

Some occasions require us to look like a mixture of relaxed, casual, yet elegant and classy. This is a tricky one, but when it comes off right, it looks and feels great.

A sports jacket, a plain colour tee, and denim jeans or a trouser is the style you are looking for. An analogue dial watch with a metal belt will add to the charm like salt in curry.

You are still confused about what to wear?

Go to a good clothing store where you feel that they resonate your style. Try each one of our suggestions and see for yourself which look suits you the best. We agree that everyone has their style and statement that they make with their attire, but it never hurts to try new things, especially when they are for your good.

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