Fashion Trends Winter 2020: What To Look Out For

The cold weather doesn’t mean that style has to go out the window. You don’t have to wear a rotation of sweaters no matter how cozy they are. Even though the cold and snowy weather, you can rock some stylish outfits.

Dress up the dreary grey days of winter and turn heads with your stylish outfits. Take your comfy knit sweater and knee-high boots a step further. These trends are taken straight from stylists, celebrities, and designers to keep you fashion-forward.

For the fashion trends winter 2020, here’s what to look forward to wearing this upcoming season.

Brow Leather Trench Coat

No winter trend list is complete without a stylish coat. For winter 2020, that stylish coat is a brown leather trench coat. Specifically, PU leather because it’s faux leather and more affordable than its genuine counterpart.

Trench coats are a classic style piece that’s in style season after season. But updating the classic with leather is perfect for a modern look. Pair this with slim trousers or a mini skirt in a shade of blue, black, or gray.

Patchwork Prints

If you’re looking for something fun to add to your wardrobe, consider patchwork clothing. This style mixes handmade and laid back aesthetics to create a unique head-turning piece. With thrifting and DIY on the rise, there’s no wonder this is in style.

Patchwork pieces can come in anything from jeans to suede skirts to boots in shades of brown. Some incorporate variations of the same shade while others mix prints and colors.

Whichever style you decide to go with, dress it up with a turtleneck for a throwback feel.

Cream Colored Boots

If winter is known for one thing, it’s the parade of closed-toed shoes everyone wears. This year, expect to see a parade of cream-colored boots on everyone’s feet. This color has a way of elevating any outfit it’s paired with.

Try a pair that hits below the knee and has a little bit of slouch in them, giving visual interest to the piece. Go with a warm shade of cream or a winter white instead of a stark white. Pair with a sweater dress and tights for a comfortable dressy look.

Tiger Print

The trending of tiger print proves that animal prints aren’t going anywhere. Every season, the prints seem to take turns on who reigns, and this season it is tiger print. It’s a fresh print with a little drama and funk, perfect for any statement maker.

What else can brighten up the greys of winter?

Let the pattern shine but wearing your other pieces in solids. Black, warm browns, and blues all complement this pattern well. Don’t be afraid to pair fun accessories, bags, and jewelry to finish off your look.

Decorative Hoop Earrings

Speaking of accessories, what is trending there? Decorative gold hoops are on every fashionista’s must-buy list. The statement hoop has been around for a long time, but it’s recently come back to trend in mainstream fashion.

Everything from classic and timeless options to bold and textured pieces will adorn the ears of the fashion-forward this winter. They not only go with every outfit but enhance the look as well. Pair these earrings with chain necklaces for a chic everyday look.

Oversized Blazers

Blazers are a staple that everyone needs in their closet. No longer are these pieces for stuffy professors teaching at the local university. This fashion trend is the go-to for many people in the colder months.

It’s versatile, able to be work with anything from a casual pair of jeans and a tee to a dressier look with a leather skirt and blouse. A blazer can instantly pull your look together, giving you a fun and sophisticated put-together look. 

Fuzzy Cardigans

Of course, more layering is on the list. Cardigans are an essential piece for making it through the winter stylish and cozy. When this classic layer is oversized, it’s especially loved by everyone.

A super soft and fuzzy cardigan is a great way to achieve that cozy feeling throughout the winter. Pick neutral colors like beige, grey, and white that will pair with everything. You can also get a statement color like jewel tones to add a pop to your look.

Puff Sleeves

Big sleeves had their moment a few decades ago, but now they’re back and here to stay. The current fashion trends 2020 says that winter is the time to let the dramatic sleeves have their moment.

Puff sleeves can be on either dresses or blouses, but they’ll always make a statement. Let the sleeve shine by pairing blouses with a sleek skirt, and for dresses, choose a simple silhouette.

Bold Checkered Print

Another trend that comes around every year is checkered print. It’s a quintessential style, and the winter 2020 fashion trends are not reporting any differently. What’s great about these checkered prints is that they come in so many styles.

Plaid, gingham, houndstooth, and buffalo check are prints you often see in the colder months, but there are so many more checkered options. Along with a variety of styles, these prints come in a variety of colors, so finding one you love won’t be hard.

Checkered prints can go either way. They can be very classic, worn with a black turtleneck and knee-high boots. Or they can go in modern directions by using bright colors like green and blue with modern silhouettes.

Fashion Trends Winter 2020

Just because the weather is cold and the sky is a dreary grey doesn’t mean your outfit has to reflect that. Gone are the days of boring outfits. You no longer only have to wear a knit sweater or a pair of snow boots.

It’s time to take winter style to the next level with these fashion trends winter 2020. Incorporating these trends doesn’t have to be hard, and it doesn’t have to take a lot of money for a wardrobe refresh.

Use these trends as your buying guide to staying stylish throughout the winter months.

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