Gossip Girl Season 4 – An Exclusive Sneak Peek At CW’s (Part 2)

We find out that Serena left early so that she could see her brother at the hospital. Fade to black.

The next day, we find out that her brother is in the hospital because he tried to commit suicide. We also find out that their mother has hidden him away so that nobody in society knows the truth about what happened.

This is when the tension between Serena and her mother starts to come up, as Serena obviously does not approve of her mother’s actions.

We switch to a scene with Dan, his sister Jenny, and their father. We find out that their parents are divorced, their father is somewhat anti-capitalist, and they are probably going to be the token “out of the loop” characters for this show.

Jenny is addressing invitations for an exclusive party, and Dan is shocked when he finds out that she is invited.

Oh, but she is only invited because she is addressing the invitations! And thus, their status is cemented. Dan also reads Gossip Girl’s blog and has a fascination with Serena.

From here on out, the show hints that Serena and Nate may have had a past together (but Serena wants no future with him), Nate’s friend Chuck believes that Nate should cheat on Blair, and Dan really has the hots for Serena. Oh, and Chuck hates Dan (probably because he is a lower class).

Lunch break at their school. Serena walks up to Blair, where Blair and her friends are handing out invitations for the oh-so-exclusive party. There is, however, no invite for Serena.

Drama! Serena tells Blair that she wants to meet her later on to talk, but Blair smirks and says that she has plans with Nate. Serena holds her gaze and gives her a time and place.

How could Blair refuse? We are informed by our gossip girl narrator that a power struggle is in the works between the two and that neither are going to go down without a fight.

We go to the mall where Jenny is trying on dresses for the party. She texts her brother and asks for help.

While she and her brother are looking at dresses, Serena and her brother (Serena pulled him out of the hospital for a little break) show up, and Jenny gives her an invitation.

Serena gives Jenny some valuable fashion advice, and Dan hides. We also see some possibility for a romance between Serena’s brother and Jenny (which I personally think would work out really well.