How to Style your looks with Ankle Boots

Weekend & Ankle Boots make a great combination and there is no doubt that once you start liking these booties, you will fall in love with them. Every person has a different opinion of them. Some like to wear them with ripped jeans while some adore them with skirts. It all depends on what style do you follow and how do you want to take the lead ahead. 

 There are so many options available in Ankle Boots and each one is different and special. Planning for a causal party or attending official meetings, you can go for these shoes without even a second thought. Let’s see what’s all there for you to explore here!

Types of Ankle Boots to Wear

1. Vintage Buckle Booties

These boots are amazing for all those who have been looking for some flat kind of experience in the boots. Buckles on the side enhances the look of the shoes & also make them look fancy and graceful. After all, vintage-style boots are just adorable.

2. Tassel Booties

If you love tassels, then these booties are a must to have their space in your wardrobe. Tassel booties in different colors can be a great choice. They are stylish & chic inspired. So, whenever you are going to look next for the ankle boots, get yourself these beautiful boots.

3. Fold-Over Ankle Boots

These booties are usually on demand when it comes to styling. The folds look awesome when paired with a skirt or ankle jeans. Avoid pairing them with jeans as they can trouble you while walking, dancing & even while moving.

4. Neutral High Heel Booties 

Going to a party? These High heel ankle boots are perfect and will go with a pretty dress or a short skirt. These will give you an edge over others and make you look smart, stylish, and charming. Avoid if you don’t like to wear high heels. 

5. Studded Wrap Ankle Boots

Do you love studs on boots? Then these studded wrap booties are so satisfying yet rocking that it will define your taste and personality quite possible way. Not everyone is a fan of them but if you are then it is great to have these on your wish list!

6. Leather Boots 

Leather Boots with a few inches of heels are the most favorite out of all. They can go with everything and almost anything you wish to wear. These are one of the hot-selling ankle boots and loved by all. We know you can’t get your eyes off of them. 

There are so many more ankle boots in the market and you can also look for them like Round toe, Elevator, fur-trimmed or lace booties, etc. The challenge is how will you pair them to look classy, trendy yet comfortable. We don’t want you to compromise at anything when it comes to styling, so here are 6 top trends that you can follow while wearing your Ankle Boots. 

Let’s Style your Looks with Ankle Boots 

1. Jeans & Ankle Boots

You have many ways to wear jeans with ankle boots together. One of the best styles is to tuck the pants in the boots. It will make you look tall and make your legs look lean as well. It shall also add a lot of grace and charm to your personality and let you move around in comfort. So, pick your ripped jeans or old fashioned pants and get ready to strike some fashion on the streets.

2. Leggings & Booties

You can go for dark-colored leggings like red, black, or grey and pair them with leather boots or fur-trimmed booties. They look so perfect and amazing that you can wear a short skirt with a pullover which will enhance your personality. It is the most amazing thing to see that it never goes out of fashion. Every season you can see some celebrity bringing it back on the streets of fashion. 

3. Dress & Ankle Boots

 Wear any kind of dress on a casual sunny day, weekend party mode, or a formal dinner conference, but do not forget to wear them with boots. Go for any kind of ankle boots like chic style lace booties or vintage buckle ankle boots. They are perfect and give you a dolled up look in no time. It is quite easy to move around with them and is comfortable and easy to go with. 

4. Skirts & Ankle Style Boots

Wearing ankle boots with skirts be it short or knee-length has always been in fashion. Go for tassels ankle booties if you are trying to pair it with a checkered skirt or plain black or white knee-length skirt. Tassels add that fancy look and give your boots some special attention. Another great thing is that they provide your legs with the perfect length that is required. Skirts and boots have always been a lethal combo, but ankle boots are the most beloved ones! 

5. Long socks, denim shorts & Ankle Booties

Wear your ankle boots with long socks and pair them with denim shorts. Don’t you think it will provide a different yet new look to your personality? It feels like you are all ready to take over the world with this combination and there is no doubt that ankle boots will make everything good for you. The whole thing will look so cool and nobody even knows that the secret is your ankle boots. 

No matter if you are wearing casual jeans with folds or going for a little long dress, these ankle boots can help you everywhere. They are so comfortable and come in so many styles that you may want to wear them each day to college, a party, or a meeting. They suit your formal and informal requirements easily. 

Keep your spirits high in fashion and grab these interesting tips with style. It is always great when you go for an ankle boot because that is what suits the best for you!

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