Looking Stylish! 11 Cute Summer Outfit Ideas

Summertime is now in full swing.

With the change of season comes the difference in the style. From fun, frilly summer dresses to more structured outfits, there are ways to look and stay cool this season. Fashion is self-expression, and there are various ways to spice up your wardrobe in time for summer.

If you are curious about what to wear this summer, you are in luck! Keep reading to see 11 cute summer outfit ideas.

1. Opposites Attract: Pair a Summer Sundress With Some Chunky Shoes

Want to look effortless chic?

Well, a great way to spice up an outfit is to marry contrasting styles.

In this case, a frilly sundress with a more edgy pair of shoes. This combo is a great way to get extra mileage out of a dress you have while changing up the look altogether.

For example, if you have a lacy white dress, try pairing it with a pair of Doc Martens or other combat boots. The dress will keep you chill on a warm summer day, but the outfit can quickly go to a nighttime look.

2. Keep it Casual: Pair a Graphic Tee with Wide-Leg Pants

Name a more iconic duo.

A graphic tee is a classic piece to have in your wardrobe. It is a lightweight, easy-breezy item to throw on with little effort. A great way to enhance a graphic tee is to pair it with wide-leg pants.

These pants can include jeans or even material pants. The key is that they should be high-waisted, that way you can tuck in the tee and add a belt. This way, your waist is accentuated.

3. Plain Outfit? Spice it Up With Accessories

If you have a more plain ensemble, there is no need to fret.

You can jazz up any outfit with the right accessories. Good summertime outfit ideas include accents. Throw on a beach hat with your dress, add some funky earrings with a plain shirt, and of course, sunglasses!

Sunglasses are an iconic piece of summer style, feel free to be bold, and try a new form of sunglasses to make an outfit more interesting.

4. All Hail the Bucket Hat

Bucket hats are in this season, and for a good reason.

They are incredibly versatile and can be worn with a variety of things. Pair a bucket hat with a dress or a tee-shirt, even your bathing suit to add a little jazz to your ensemble.

5. Bardot Cuts Galore

The Bardot cut is universally flattering and very on-trend this season.

From dresses to blouses, this off-the-shoulder cut will keep your cool and looking prim this season. Pair a Bardot blouse with some denim cutoffs for a casual look, or rock a Bardot cut dress with some strappy sandals for a “garden chic” outfit.

6. Mix it Up With Textures: Lacy Shirts and Ripped Jeans

Once again, opposites attract.

For relaxed summer outfit ideas, try pairing a lacy blouse with a pair of ripped jeans. This combo looks cool and collected and will add some visual appeal with the various textures going on.

7. Pair a Short Sleeve Button-Down With a Mini Skirt

Want to have a look that gives off vintage vibes?

Try pairing a short-sleeve button-down with a mini skirt for the ultimate summertime vintage look. Not only will this outfit work in the summer heat, but you will look darn good in it.

You can opt for a more oversized short sleeve button down and tuck it into the skirt. This way, you can play with the silhouettes and create some interesting contrasts.

8. Add a Lightweight Blazer to a Frilly Dress or Romper

Blazers are great for adding a sense of professionalism to an outfit.

However, there’s no need to be stuffy! Add a blazer to a frilly dress or romper for a structured, fun look. There are many options for lightweight blazers that won’t make you warm in the summertime. Opt for a cotton blazer for extra structure with the bulk.

9. Go for a Sporty Look With Athletic Sets

Athletic looks are great for a breezy, sporty summer look.

You can pair a tennis skirt with a Razer back tank top and some sneakers, or even go for matching athletic shorts and a tee-shirt. These looks are effortless and make you look oh-so-cool in the summertime heat.

10. Pair a Crop Top With Linen Pants

Crop tops are a classic piece to have in your wardrobe. They work perfectly with high-waisted bottoms, without adding extra bulk. Additionally, linens are perfect summer material. Linen is lightweight, breezy, and helps keep you cool.

Pairing a crop top with linen pants is a laid back look that can be dressed up or down. Pair with some sandals for a classic, summery look, or pair with heels and a lightweight blazer for a more demure vibe.

Either way, you cannot go wrong with this pairing.

11. Summer Outfit Ideas: Throw on a Maxi Dress With Cork Platform Sandals

Maxi dresses are a fantastic thing.

Perfect for summer weather, and allow you to move freely, pair a maxi dress with some platform cork sandals for a fresh bohemian look. Platforms sandals are great, and cork is super in this season.

Platforms help offset the length of the maxi dress, especially if you are more petite. With this combination, you will be looking like a summertime dream.

Summertime Style

With these 11 summer outfit ideas, you will be looking cute and on-trend this season. Remember, the best accessory is confidence! So rock these looks knowing that you look good. For more information on fashion, check out our blog.

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