Make it Pop in 2020! Popular Accessories to Highlight Any Outfit

You may think that you have the perfect outfit, but you’re just missing one thing — the accessories.

Accessories can truly make or break your outfit, so knowing exactly what to pair with your look so you can stand out is a must in 2020.

Fashion is always changing so it can be difficult to stay on top of trends but luckily we’re here to help you pick up the perfect accessories to pair with your look.

Keep reading for the most popular accessories that you can wear to highlight any outfit in 2020.

Small Skinny Sunglasses

So far, this year has been filled with new fashion trends that we’ve all grown to love. One trend that doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere is the small skinny sunglasses.

This look is totally 90s, but you can pull it off with the right outfit in 2020. Rocking this look does take a lot of confidence but it can totally be pulled off with the right look.

You can either go for a high fashion red carpet look or even just a casual day out shopping this accessory is versatile and looks good anywhere.

Bucket Bags

Creating a stylish outfit deserves the right bag and the bucket bag is so in right now. The best thing about a bucket bag is that they’re actually a purse that can hold your belongings! Much different than some of the micro purses we’re seeing in magazines lately.

Another great thing about the bucket bag is that the options are endless. To go with your look you could choose a basic black, grey, or white. On the other hand, you could even step outside of your comfort zone and opt for a neon color like pink or a funk pattern.


Another accessory that we’re excited is coming back to the scene are pearls. Pearls are beautiful and can be worn in so many different ways especially in 2020.

The obvious way to sport pearls with your outfit in 2020 would be as a necklace, earrings, or even a bracelet. This is a classic look that can be paired with any type of outfit the edgy the better!

You can also find pearl accents in other places as well. Pearls could accent your heals or even your hair accessories for an angelic look.

Wide Waist Belts

When talking about accessories we need to mention at least one belt and in 2020 we’re rocking the wide waist belt. These belts sit in the middle of your waist and can completely change the way your outfit looks.

There are absolutely no rules to how a wide waist belt can be worn or what it can be worn with! We’ve seen them paired with dresses, oversized shirts, jeans, pants, and even skirts. This is an accessory that you can have fun with!

Popular Accessories for All Your Looks

When it comes to finding the perfect popular accessories to go with your look the choice is up to you. There are tons of different accessories that are totally on-trend that will go with all of your fun and interesting outfits.

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