The Gold Standard: How Gold Is The Hottest Trend In Fashion Right Now

Are you looking to jazz up your wardrobe? It might surprise you to learn that introducing some gold into your fashion choices is the trendiest way to upgrade your style. The color gold is one of the hottest trends in fashion right now, and it looks great on anything from earrings to shoes.

As the seasons change, you have an opportunity to explore new fashion choices. Keep reading to learn why you should embrace the gold standard when you’re shopping for new clothes!

Let Your Necklaces Dangle in Gold

Dangly necklaces are on-trend these days, so don’t miss an opportunity to dress up your outfit with one or two — or three. And if you want to be even trendier, you can go a step further and choose a dangly necklace in gold!

Try a delicate chain necklace for a more subdued look, or add a ruby pendant for some extra color. Flashy gold can highlight your neck and add a punch of drama to any shirt — and contrast is the key to fashion success. For even more boldness, go with a princess necklace, which tends to be even longer than a standard chain.

Add Some Bling to Your Wrists 

Another place to introduce some gold into your outfit? Look to your wrists. Gold watches and bracelets exude confidence and class, so you’ll want to have a few versatile options on hand.

Pair a chunky bracelet with a jewel tone outfit for the ultimate look. The rich greens, yellows, and purples of your clothing will look even better with the sheen of gold on your wrists. Go for bangles to get a bolder look, add a subtle shine with a tennis or charm bracelet, or try a gold watch for the perfect mix of beauty and function.

Set the Gold Standard with Tubular Earrings

Tubular earrings are chunky and strong — and all the rage right now! You’ll love the look of the thick, tube shape of these earrings as a strong accessory that will draw attention to a cute new haircut or dramatic makeup.

Find a pair of tubular earrings in a soft gold tone to complement any outfit. Or choose a deeper, shinier version of gold to play up the sense of luxury. Having a pair of tubular earrings in your collection will be the perfect alternative on days when you don’t feel like studs, hoops, or dangling earrings.

Go Glittery with a Gold Jacket

For a true statement piece, wear a gold jacket as your outer layer. And if you’re looking for texture, opt for a jacket with sparkly sequins to build extra intensity. You’ll add confidence to a straightforward outfit that will have you ready for a night on the town.

As the autumn air cools things down, you’ll want to have a jacket nearby anyway. Why not make sure you have at least one that is in tune with the latest fashion trends? Whether it’s a cropped jacket or trench coat, you’ll set the tone if you show up in gold.

And to turn heads at the office, suit up in a gold blazer. You’ll project confidence and become the go-to source on fashion at the watercooler. Wear a shimmery jacket over a black shell with some black pants to look your best!

A Shimmery Blouse Will Look Elegant 

Blouses can look boring — but they don’t have to. Make 2020 the year you invest in some lovely gold blouses to round out your collection. When you’re searching for the perfect piece, a metallic gold blouse can dress up a pair of jeans or a pencil skirt in a hurry.

Go with puffy sleeves or ruffles to accentuate the sense of elegance and play up the femininity of your blouse. Or keep things sleek with a sharp collar and well-pressed sleeves. In either case, the rich gold color will step up your look for work and socializing.

Kick Things Up a Notch with Gold Shoes

Looking to spice up a basic outfit? Add some gold heels to the mix! You can take a plain outfit from boring to jazzy with the right pair of dress shoes.

Whether closed-toe pumps or a pair of vintage peep toe shoes, you’ll elevate your style if you choose gold as your primary color. The bright sheen of warm gold will be the perfect complement to muted colors or flat textures. And if you’re wearing solid-colored pants, your shoes can be the star of the show.

Add a Touch of Gold to Your Winter Accessories

If you live in a cold weather climate, you have even more opportunities to punch up your wardrobe with some gold. Hats, mittens, and scarves are all great places to fight back against the dreary cold and gray of the winter months.

A wool hat with some gold yarn integrated into it will look great with a peacoat on a snowy December day — and a gold hat is the perfect Christmas stocking stuffer! Or reach for a pair of gold leather gloves to look urban chic. Your hands should be warm and stylish when the temperatures start to plummet.

Start Styling

Embrace the gold standard when you’re refreshing your wardrobe. Sprinkle some gold jewelry into your collection of accessories, or go bold with a shimmery gold sweater. No matter how you decide to add this trendy tone to your wardrobe, wear it with confidence.

Fashion always is changing, so it’s important to stay on top of the latest looks. When you’re ready to find more fashion tips, check back with us for informative articles!

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