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What’s happening in the world of fashion in 2021? We take a look at the latest style news and Share what you can expect to see, and what you may want to try, this year.

Tie-Dye Dresses

Those colorful, comfortable dresses from the sixties are back, and just in time for summer fun. No longer restricted to just T-shirts and sweatshirts, the funky swirls that make up the signature look of tie-dye fabrics are showing up prominently on light, breezy spring and summer dresses.

The tie-dye dress is being embraced by top designers, as seen in Alberta Ferretti’s Capsule Collection, which includes tie-dye minidresses, shirt dresses, and skirts, and Oscar de la Renta’s tie-dye cotton poplin shirt dress.

These styles are perfect for casual settings and more formal events, too. You can wear them at the beach or at a graduation ceremony, for example, looking fresh and feeling completely at ease.

Tie-Dye Dresses

Bright, Bold Colors

In 2021, everybody is ready for a new beginning, and this hopeful outlook invites bright, cheerful colors like fuchsia, tangerine, canary yellow, and royal blue. Make a splash by adding your favorite colors to your wardrobe.

Whether you add a swash of a bright hue as an accent color or you choose to make a statement wearing one bold color, like an emerald green dress and matching shoes, or a plum top with matching pants, your choice of adding beautiful colors to your wardrobe will be appreciated by
a world that’s ready for joy and laughter once again.

Bright, Bold Colors

Gender Inclusive Fashions

People of all ages are getting tired of being boxed into categories. When it comes to fashion, they want to explore and cross lines to create new styles that feel right. Gender-inclusive fashions are growing in popularity because they allow individuals to express themselves without
feeling stuck in traditional roles.

Gender-inclusive brands include an Older brother, Riley Studio, Lonely Kids Club, and Official Rebrand. But don’t feel like you have to shop specific brands. You can create your own looks by ignoring the men’s and women’s classifications and browsing through the entire store for items that speak to you.

Sri Lankan fashion designer Amesh Wijesekera expresses the concept behind gender-inclusive fashions beautifully when he says, “I never really understood labels in general …. Whoever wants to wear my designs can wear them.”

Ruffles And Large Sleeves

A fun new look championed by designers like Teniola Adeola are large sleeves chock full of ruffles. Flouncy ruffles make a power statement, adding an element of playfulness, energy, and self-assuredness to any look.

Playing with sleeve styles is a fashion trend many designers are having fun with this year. Puffy sleeves are back, with their genie-like whimsy and eye-catching largeness. Oversized long sleeves, particularly on blazers, are another style trend we’ll be seeing more of this year.

Ruffles And Large Sleeves

Blazers And Shorts

This is the year for creating new styles by throwing away the rules and mixing and matching items to your heart’s content.

Bring blazers and shorts together for a classy yet casual look that blends elegance with comfort. Play around with this combination to discover what works for you. One fun style pairs the oversized boyfriend blazer with roomy shorts that come to just above the knees. This look is great for a business lunch or having fun in the city with your friends.

With this style, you can also play around with socks. Wear eye-catching sock designs that finish the look to express your personality from head to toe!

Teen Fashions

Teens and adolescents love to create their own fashion styles. Teen trends cover a wide age range, from tweens to college. Within this age group, expect to see some of the same fashion trends we’ve already talked about, including tie-dye dresses and gender inclusive clothes.

In addition, this year’s teenage fashion trends will include the following:

● Sling bags

● Galaxy print clothing and accessories

● White sneakers

● Comfortable platform shoes

● Trendy sunglasses

● Sunny colors

● Oversized trousers with suspenders

● Suits and tuxedos for all genders

● Ruffled dresses

Capes Are In Style!

If you love the look of a cape or cloak draped around your body, you’re in luck … the cape trend is here this year! You’re not alone in your love of capes. They come in so many different styles that they pair well with pants and skirts, boots and flats, long sleeves and short sleeves.

Capes are stunning and head-turning. Not only can they keep you cozy on a chilly day, but they can also make you feel like a superhero!

If you’ve never worn a cape before, you simply have to try one. You’ll love it. Ideas for wearing a cape or a cloak include pairing it with skinny jeans or trousers, pencil skirts, or leggings, and wearing simple shirts underneath to let your cape stand out as the star of the show.

Capes Are In Style

It’s All About Having Fun With Clothes

Your clothes are supposed to make you feel good, so have fun with styles and work with your own tastes and insights. Wear what makes you feel empowered! The rules are changing, and the field is wide open. Seize the moment to create your own unique fashion sense you can feel
good about.

Whatever your age or gender, go with what you naturally gravitate towards. When it comes to great fashion, there are no rights or wrongs, just expressions of yourself. As you can see by this year’s trends, just about anything goes, including fun and whimsy, color and comfort, and fresh
new takes on classic looks.

Our advice is to just go with what you like, and make it work for you. Experiment with styles, colors, and patterns. Enhance your outfits with bright accessories and accents.

Also, think affordable when you’re going for trendy new looks. With a little ingenuity, and by repurposing old clothes, you can come up with great new styles on a shoestring budget.

Most of all, walk out your door confidently in whatever you’re wearing. After all, fashion is personal, and you can help shape this year’s style trends by what you chose to wear. Enjoy the fashion experience to the max, your way!

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