Top Best Fashion Blogs For 2021

If you are interested in fashion trends and want to start reading blogs, it will be a good idea to go for a mixture of professional and amateur.

It will be interesting to see how the fashion follower’s views compare to that of the provider or the expert.

With so many trends and styles, you are bound to find a blogger who writes about your clothing type. Once you have spent a little time checking them out, you will find the best fashion blogs for you.

As well as showing us what is new in the fashion world, blogs can make money for the owner.

It will tend to be by paid-for promotions or endorsements – the good blogs state when an endorsement leads to them getting a fee.

They can also put links into the articles that will take the viewer to the product. This way, they will be paid for clicks and more if a
product is bought. Not all blogs will do this, but it is worth knowing which ones do.

Let’s now look at some of the best fashion blogs that are worth knowing about:

The Expert Blog

Vogue is going to be one of the first names you think of when it comes to fashion. The blog covers many aspects of life, and there will be a variety of editions.

It is mainly to cover the different opinions of different nationalities.

The entire magazine can be found online and is an ideal place to get fashion advice. Rather than search out the blog, the features will be
sent to you by email.

Elle is another fashion magazine that has a blog. They are a mixture of features showing the latest fashions and other more in-depth articles.

Fashion is the main issue being covered, and there are plenty of articles to choose from.

There are sections on fashion in clothes, fashion in makeup, and all the latest fashion accessories and products.

As the writers will be involved in fashion for a living, it is not surprising that they will be part of some of the best fashion blogs.

Many blogs will be produced by women who see fashion as interest and want to share their views with others.

Celebrity Fashion Blogs

This can cover a couple of areas. It can be famous people and influencers writing their blogs or blogs about celebrities and their fashion written by others.

Popsugar comes into the latter category. Models, actresses, and celebrities are covered in virtually every article, and their fashion sense is discussed and often promoted.

Judging by the name and many other features, it is aimed at the younger age group.

Red Carpet Fashion Awards is another blog where celebrities fill the pages. As the name suggests, they discuss the dresses worn by actresses on various red carpets and at many awards and charity events.

It seems that every article is covering the clothes of those in the news.

The ones that are not will undoubtedly be promoting a designer’s latest collection. If what the celebrities wear is your thing, then one of these two blogs will be for you.

If you are a strong fan of influencers and celebrity culture, then these will be the best fashion blogs for you to read.

Plus Size Fashion Blogs

Not everyone looks like the models that strut up and down the catwalk.

The clothes they wear will not fit everyone and will not be suitable for all fashion followers.

That does not mean they have to miss out on looking trendy. The Curvy Fashionista is the place to look if you fit the plus size criteria.

Articles will show larger-sized clothes worn by plus-size models. Certain areas do not need to have a larger model, but here is one that is always used.

Whether it is clothes, make-up, or relaxation, the body shape is the same. Although not a mainstay of the blog, over-40 fashion is the feature.

Again, this is meant for plus-size fashion blog readers.

She Might Be Loved, written in the UK by Georgina, covers various topics but has plenty of posts on fashion.

She is bright and bubbly, and looking at her pictures; it is clear she loves fashion trends.

The clothes she promotes cover all aspects, including some tasteful sun wear for the larger lady.

Petite Fashion Blogs

Similarly, plus-sized women may struggle to find fashionable clothes in their size, so do smaller women.

Particularly small women may still be in children’s sizes, and while not paying tax will be welcome, the lack of choice will not.

Extra Petite covers family life showing the good and the bad of being small and fashionable.

More than fashion is covered, but there is enough of that to be helpful to petite women looking for tips.

Ella – lapetiteanglaise is a blog from the UK and run, as you may guess, by a lady called Ella.

Her blog shows her fashion style and presents makeup tips and general advice about living in the 2020s.

Cultural Fashion Blogs

Alltheprettybirds one of the best fashion blogs and is an all-encompassing blog when it comes to fashion around the world.

Contributions come from women who are black, white, young, and old. They come from all continents, and articles are as diverse as the writers

As well as learning about the latest trends, there are more in-depth articles along the lines of fashion and race.

Utsav Fashion blog concentrates on the more traditional wear of Indian ladies.

Sarees are heavily covered, as are shawls both for round the shoulders and for the head.

There is a full range of Indian fashion to choose from. Unlike most blogs, this is a site that sells the products and not just showcasing them.


Whatever your age, size, or culture, there will be a fashion blog site for you.

If you want to find the best clothes for your frame or the best color clothes to wear to match your complexion, you will find the answer in a blog.

The best fashion blogs for the individual will be the ones that cover your requirements. Check out the rest of our blogs for more tips.

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