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Men’s fashion has never been shy of keeping pace with the rest of the industry. It’s also never been shy to make its own way, either.

2021 trends for men’s fashion are taking shape. Not only have tastemakers and industry enthusiasts given us a glimpse into what’s in store for spring and summer this year, but there are exciting developments going into the winter and the next year too.

So let’s take a look at the state of men’s fashion and style in 2021 and some of the cultural inspirations behind them.

Utility styles

Fashion has long worked to dispel the myth that it’s impractical to be in style. Bold trends aren’t just for the runway, and a shift towards utility-style outfits has given men a chance to blend fashion and function.

Pockets are getting deeper and textiles are being selected for both their texture and durability.

This added resilience plays well into year-round favorites like cargo pants and loose-tailored jackets.

The heavier fabrics mean this is a shift destined to truly hit its stride around mid-autumn, but it will present a wide range of options going into the summer too.

The utility style certainly isn’t limited to function, but it does give a little more for those who want a rugged edge to their style.

Bolder colors

Bold colors were made to shine in the sun, and this summer will be no different when it comes to shorts selection.

As more people in the Northern Hemisphere look forward to a summer outdoors to make up for 2020, bold short patterns offer up a way to stand out without saying a word.

Primary colors have always had a say for designers who want to skew towards expressive clothing, but patterns are coming to the fore too, lending structure and playfulness to everything from beach shorts to backyard hangouts.

Bold can also be tempered with a classy finish. Nothing reigns in paisley or stripes like a crisp white tee to offset color.

Not only does a clean shirt pairing give the eye a place to rest, but it also encourages the gaze to move towards the face, ensuring that you’ll make your statement when you enter and hold attention for every second after.

Relaxed tailoring

Relaxed tailoring

Bespoke suits will always have a place in fashion, from the runway to the yacht club to the boardroom and the dinner party.

Sharp, clean lines naturally attract the eye, but loose or relaxed tailoring offers a different but equally arresting vibe.

The softened lines created with relaxed tailoring create a sense of comfort and movement. This doesn’t mean sloppy tailoring, though.

Jackets and blazers tailored in this style still offer a sense of structure and formality when they need to, but they play well into business-
casual and Sunday-style settings that try to create a sociable atmosphere.

Floral print

What signifies springtime quite like floral? It is, after all, the season for fresh new things and vibrant, lush growth. Floral outgrew the silk shirts that popularized them in the 90s long ago.

Now, they signify a break in normality in the wider fashion world – a rose in the concrete to add a bit of playful charm to any look.

As the navy suit continues to be a staple in the corporate world, more men are turning to floral socks to break up the sharp tailoring and deep coloring with a sense of spontaneity and surprise.

Unlike ties, limiting the floral juxtaposition to the sock tempers it and keeps it classy, aiming for quiet confidence instead of an overstatement.

Puffer jackets and vests

Continuing the trend of structure and material, puffer vests continue to be a choice selection for the autumn and winter months.

Their versatility makes them great options with most denim jeans or chino pairings, meaning the tone of an entire outfit can be dictated by shoe choice alone.

But this puffy winter favorite isn’t just versatile in its wardrobe compatibility. Sleeveless puffer vests offer a lighter alternative in spring while still contributing to the mountaineer ruggedness they’ve become synonymous with.

Sleeveless puffer vests also allow for more room for playing around with tee selection and accessories as they give the arms and chest more room to shine.

Metallic Accessories

Metallic Accessories

Bring out the gold! As the Northern Hemisphere moves further into spring, more skin means more room to experiment with accessories.

The classic leather wristwatch is a staple that looks to keep its momentum this year, but gold is offering a break from the norm for the more adventurous.

Both fake and real metals are making a statement not just with pops of color, but with texture and luster too.

Rings continue to be a firm favorite to offset the seriousness of any suit, while the right metallic watch adds that aviator finish to any puffer vest.

Classic leather loafer

Whether you’re walking a concrete path or looking to set your feet on a polished wooden deck, the leather loafer continues to be the shoe of choice for men’s fashion.

It’s no wonder, either. The classic leather loafer pairs well with single-color shorts as well as anything made with denim.

Good quality leather means it’s a shoe that will only get better and better as it ages, and its versatility makes it a strong candidate for just about any weather that might bring someone outdoors.

Crossbody bags

Men’s crossbody bags have been gaining popularity for a few years now, and it’s quite fitting that the final trend on this list seems to capture the essence of everything else happening in men’s fashion this year.

From the utility on offer to the durability, the sense of unapologetic style and versatility, the crossbody bag has all the biggest names in fashion on the lookout.

There’s a lot to look forward to in men’s fashion, and just as much happening in the present day.

Whether you’re looking for practicality or style, there’s enough range within men’s fashion to accommodate just about any look this year, and there’s only more to come.

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