Trendy Haircuts That Are Going To Take Over the Fashion Industry in 2018

March 2018 has arrived with a brand-new beginning with trendy haircuts and fresh starts of all sorts. New resolutions of fashionable lady’s trendy haircuts are to be more stylish this year, and there is nothing wrong about it! Just like up-to-date dress designs and makeup trends; your haircut needs to be according to the vogue too. What do you think about it?

Leading hair professionals, Fashion Week runways, and some famous stylish ladies have revealed some new haircuts for 2018. Listed below are some of them. Have a look, and choose the best one for yourself!

No-fuss bob

As mentioned earlier, the latest fashion is all about a low-maintenance minimalist hairdo, and what can be more perfect than a no-fuss bob? It works super fine for thin hair as well as the trendy haircut will give you an illusion of fuller/thicker hair. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about styling either; just wash your head and you are good to go!

Some ladies are bringing no-fuss bob to the ear-length, but you can also opt for chin-grazing length, and it will look equally stylish. Although you can go with a middle part for a modernist spin, a classic side part can also look stunning.

 Shaggy Bangs

Do you have a broad forehead or a receding hairline? Are you more comfortable with bangs than long layers? Fret not as you can opt for shaggy bangs this year. This haircut has a cool-girl feel, and is low maintenance, unlike the full fringe. So, now you don’t have to feel uncomfortable about your thin hair or big forehead because the latest trend has something for everyone.

Deep Side Part

Here is another great haircut for the ladies with a broad forehead. This year middle parts will remain quite popular on the runway, but still, you will be seeing many deep side parts as well. However, the length of this hairdo ranges from ultra-long locks to bobs. You can also use pins and other hair accessories with a deep side part on a special occasion.


Keeping these hair trends into the account; one thing is certain. The year is all about fresh haircuts embracing natural textures. Basically, 2018 will be the year of low-maintenance effortlessly trendy short cuts, easy bangs, and enhanced textures. So, choose a trendy haircut that fits your style and personality, celebrate your natural beauty, and stay fashionable!