Try It Today: Fall/Winter 2020 Hair Trends You Need In Your Life

Cooler weather, earlier sunsets, leaves all over the ground — ahh, fall is finally here. Say goodbye to the sweltering heat of the summer and hello to cool weather, autumn leaves, and pumpkin spice everything.

Season transitions are exciting and cleansing. They’re also the perfect time to consider switching up your hairstyle. It’s time to bid farewell to your old summer hairstyle and welcome in a fresh cut, color, and accessories for fall? 

Keep reading to find the best fall/winter 2020 hair color trends and styles to strive for this season. 

Cool Greys

Once upon a time, women couldn’t imagine wishing for grey hair. This archaic way of thinking is so 1990 as women now rock their natural grey hair with pride. Take a look at these beautiful and powerful celebrities letting their hair do what naturally happens as we all age.

You don’t have to be aging to have grey hair, though. Many younger women are choosing to dye their hair with cool grey tones. Going grey by choice is a process, though, so if you’re considering going that route, follow these tips.

Stop dying your hair. You will need to bleach the color out eventually to ensure an even all-over color. Treat yourself to a deep-conditioning treatment to help minimize breakage and dryness.

After bleaching, don’t be surprised if you need to take some of the length off your hair. Bleaching is a complicated science that can cause damage and breakage. We recommend leaving the bleaching process to the professionals if you can. 

Bright Color Accents

Gone are the days of a full head of lilac or turquoise hair. One of the hottest 2020 fall hair color trends to watch for is bright accents. Hide funky colors in your bangs or dye your roots a wild color à la Billie Eilish

If you can’t part with the idea of a full head of funky colors, try a two-tone approach instead. Contrasting colors will make a showstopping statement that’ll have everyone’s heads turning. 


Is there any other hairstyle that’s as versatile and easy-to-style as a classic bob? We think not, which is why we’re so happy to see that it’s one of the hottest 2020 fall hair trends. 

Jaw-length bobs are going to be all the rage this season. Not only are they easy to manage and style, but they’re sexy, too. Just look at how hot celebrities like Hailey Bieber and Margot Robbie look rocking their bobs this year. 

Deep, Rich Tones

Fall and winter are the perfect time to switch up your hair color to deeper and richer hues. These colors inspire warmth and coziness, precisely what you should be looking for during the colder months of the year.

Think caramel highlights, a deep chocolate brown, or an all-over toffee color. A skilled hairstylist can make these colors multidimensional for a style that’s simple to maintain. 

Shades of Red

Red hair is one of the hottest 2020 winter hair color trends.  

We mentioned two-toned dye jobs above, and that’s something you can do with red hair, too. Imagine the statement you’ll make with red on top and black on the bottom. If that’s too out-there for your tastes, a red balayage is a great low-maintenance alternative. 

If you’re rocking red hair all year long, try a deeper and cooler tone this season. Add some violet tones to achieve a beautiful merlot shade perfect for fall. 


Headbands have come a long way from the plastic skull-crushing varieties we all wore as children. There are several different headband styles that you’ll notice dominating the 2020 winter hair trends.

We love the 80s/90s padded and puffy headband trend that seems to be dominating the runway this year. They come in any color, material, and width under the sun, making it easy for you to match with your outfits. If you’re feeling bold, opt for a headband with embellishments like pearls or unique textures.

Ribbons and Scarves

Ribbons and bows are just for kids anymore. Find adultified versions to amp up the classiness of your favorite outfit. Clip them to your ponytail or use scrunchie/bow hybrids to bring a low side ponytail to life. 

Your ribbons don’t need to be big and loud to make a statement, either. Small bow clips can add a little something-something to your outfit without overpowering it.

Scarves aren’t just for your neck anymore. Beautiful, long, and silky scarves are a fun way to add sleek style to your otherwise dull ponytail.

Incorporating ribbons, scarves, or bows is the perfect way to take your daytime style to party ready in no time flat.

Low Ponytails

If COVID-19 taught us anything about fashion, it’s that low maintenance hair care is the way to be. We don’t need to hit up the salon every few weeks to feel and look fabulous.

That’s exactly why you might be seeing more low ponytails on the runway this year. This easy and fast style is sure to be one of the biggest winter hair trends this year. 

Keep the natural part when putting your ponytail in to add an air of sophistication to your hairstyle. Go easy with the mousse or gel to add shine and texture. 

Slicked Back

Don’t let the words “slicked back” bring up images of greasers from the 50s. Women’s hair can look sophisticated and chic slicked back whether you have long hair or a shorter cut right now. 

The key to rocking a slick hairstyle is using the right products and using the correct amount. Too much wax or mousse will make you feel like you’re part of the T-Birds alongside Danny Zuko. 

Rock Those Fall/Winter 2020 Hair Color Trends

Any of the above fall/winter 2020 hair color trends are sure to keep you looking fantastic this season. 

Now that you have your hot new hairstyle, you need your wardrobe to match. Check out our blog on the most fashionable cool-weather clothing to help you prep for fall. 

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