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What does a typical day in the life of a fashion blogger look like? Today is a day in the life of a fashion blogger.

No two days are ever the same, but this I suppose, would be my typical 9-5 routine. Let’s get started.

6 am to 8 am

I regularly wake up at around 6 am for coffee, let the dogs out, cleanse my skin, and apply a little bit of makeup look to make myself feel slightly more human, and it’s straight out the door to the gym.

I like to do short but intense workouts to make the most of every minute in the mornings. Therefore, I have a PT three times a week.

We’ll do short bursts of high-intensity exercise to get the heart rate going. I can monitor my progress on my Michael Kors access smartwatch using the built-in fitness tracking.

The skill mill is a serious calorie burner, and I usually finish the session with some abs exercises and some exercises using the kettlebell weights.

Back home, I tried to get through as many emails as possible. It’s nice to start the working day with an empty inbox.

As a blogger, you are running your own business. Therefore, the organization is hugely important.

I keep track of my meetings on my Michael Kors watch powered by Android where it shows me my notifications and my calendar, which I find useful for keeping on track.


It’s time to film. Once my camera is set up, I tried to film at least two videos at a time. Today is a beauty favorite and my handbag.

This afternoon I’m meeting my photographer, so I pick out some of my key winter outerwear pieces.

Photography training on the blog next week. My smartwatch lets me know that my Uber is here. Time to go.


Today we’re shooting at Palomar, which is one of my favorite photogenic spots in London.

As a fashion blogger, of course, my accessories need to be functional and stylish.

Another reason that I adore my Michael Kors smartwatch, a glamorous rose bowl designed with interchangeable watch faces, which you
can switch up depending on your outfit of the day.

You can also change the straps whenever you want to switch up your style. It fits perfectly with my style, the ultimate accessory.

I can use Google Assistant on the watch too. I asked how long it will take me to get to my first meeting of the day at James’s square.

Time to dash off I don’t want to be late.

1 pm to 6 pm

It’s a quick coffee meeting to start with this afternoon. Then I hop in a cab to my next meeting, checking my email and notifications while on the go.

My favorite kind of meeting is afternoon tea. Usually, I’ll catch up with a beauty or fashion PR coordinator who will talk you through their latest collections and show me the newest launches.

As I’m an early riser, I tried to be strict with myself to finish my working day at 6 pm.

Oh, it looks like Charlie’s in town and wants to meet for cocktails. Sounds good to me. So there you go, my life is excitedly thrilling, it is creative, and it fulfills me entirely.

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