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The French have been prominent for their luxuries, from excellent food and fine wine to exquisite fragrances and astonishing clothing.

When you think about the French girl style, the terms chic, sophisticated, feminine, minimalistic, and confident instantly comes to mind. French women seem to have it en bloc and look absolutely ready.

You’d think any French woman would have a wide waistline and a massive wardrobe, with their right to use to some of the world’s most
desirable products.

They don’t, though. Much like “French Women Don’t Get Fat, French chic doesn’t have full closets. They avoid the instant satisfaction of slowly building their wardrobes, piece by piece over several seasons.

When they buy a garment, it’s usually a timeless classic free of any trend that could quickly fade away. If you decide to dress like a French woman, here are the 6 major style rules to get that French girl style wherever you are:

Shop Timeless High-Quality Pieces

Because closet space in France is quite limited (and expensive), French women invest in fewer pieces of high-quality clothing that will last much longer than many cheap clothing pieces.

Indeed, the quality of clothing is emphasized over quantity by French girls. They choose high-quality fabrics (cotton, silk, wool, cashmere, etc.) that will last for a very long time to curate a French capsule wardrobe.

If you want to style like a classic French girl, you can invest in durable pieces that you can always re-wear and re-style, and not imitate all the latest trends too much. As a substitute, shop for classic items that are comfortable to wear every day.

Shop Minimalists Basics

French girl style is stylish, plain, and elegant, and the basics are all about it. The secret to the French style is simplicity.

Although the French do not ignore trends, they prefer to concentrate on buying timeless quality pieces. This typically means they’re simpler, including dark skinny jeans, white button-downs, standard beige trench coats, and solid-colored tees.

In addition, if you want to dress like a (real) French girl, remember to keep the overall look simple and clean at all times.

There can never be a case of overdone or overdressed by French women. Instead, with one statement piece like a scarf, a hat, or a great pair of shoes, their style brings out effortless simple clothing.

Accessories for outfits are kept to a minimum as well; jewelry is basic, and French women typically wear not more than three delicate pieces.

Stick With Neutral Tones

French girl style is all about discretion. That’s why there are no perils for French women, and they don’t wear too many colors.

French women stick to neutral tones like khaki, beige, white, oak, camel, navy blue, grey, or black.

One advantage of neutral colors is that you can mix and match them with other clothing items quickly. A wardrobe made of these colors makes it simple to create outfits (with some bursts of color in between) since everything already matches.

However, that French outfits in total should not reach three shades. You may wear a white shirt, for instance, with a light blue pair of jeans and a grey blazer.

Wear just one or two colors at most for a very trendy, fashionable night outfit. If in doubt, wear the overall black look.

Always Choose Style and Comfort

Wearing high heels all day is one of the myths of French girls. Well, they don’t! You would be able to grasp how impossible it is for French women to wear high heels if you only went to Paris once.

Instead, flat shoes (like ballet shoes, loafers, or sneakers) or low block heels are preferred by French girls.

Tailoring is the Source of All Greatness

Make sure your clothes match perfectly if you want to get the French girl style, whatever you’re wearing.

French girls, indeed, are still wearing clothes that flatter their bodies. And if not, they usually have them tailored by French ladies.

Tailors on the streets of Paris are very popular boutiques. Pants are not meant to be too tight or too wide, too short or too long, either.

Shirts can only be oversized if they have been created for the function. Dresses are not meant to be too-tight, too-revealed, too-short.

This is where the French women play their intellectual cards as they don’t want to be over-sexy.

These are the French girl styles rule which relates to all levels of looking chic and gorgeous.

I hope you find it interesting and appealing. Don’t forget that what matters most is your girlishness. Express it!

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