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Fashion trends will never go out of fashion. There is always a new fashion game out there. Creativity is unending, and fashion experts know all about this.

A new cut here, a few stitches there can create an entirely new clothing line. In the same way, a few tweaks here and there can bring about the latest trend in shoes.

Fashion is imbued in our everyday life. Getting dressed for work, a special occasion, amongst other things.

This is why the world will always need fashion designers. Fashion designers that will set trends and make things happen.

Fashion designers that know their onions go on to become fashion tycoons, selling their pieces to all and sundry. You too can become one.

That’s why this game is so interesting. It details and explores the various steps you need to take to actually become a fashion tycoon.

It intimates you with a simulation of what the process looks like and helps you get ready for the fashion world. The steps the game explores include the following:

Sowing for Yourself

You can’t become a fashion tycoon overnight. You have to own works that people can see to know just how brilliant you are.

While you may not get clients to sow for since you are just starting out, you should sow for yourself.

When you make amazing designs for yourself, people see it and like it. Assuredly, they would also want to get something similar for themselves.

Being consistent

Only when you are consistent with what you do will you be able to attract more customers.

When you keep inventing new fashion games and trends, you’ll quickly rise through the industry. In about six months of consistency, you’ll be able to set up your own fashion business.

Applying for Fashion shows

As a fashion designer, you can’t joke with fashion shows. Several fashion shows call for designers to exhibit and be a part of the process.

You should select and perfect your best designs. Apply for these. It gives you better exposure, and you meet important people in the industry as well.

Being curious about trends

Fashion is all about timing. Styles and designs go out of fashion very quickly.

Hence, you should be curious about what people are wearing, how they are wearing them. You should also be proactive. You should be able to inquire about the future.

Experimenting with new designs

You need to constantly innovate as a fashion designer. Try out designing new clothes on your mobile device or on a sketch pad.

When you experiment with these designs, you can find yourself coming up with the next spectacular fashion trend.

Not giving up

The game explores a fashion show, where you may not come out as the winner. You shouldn’t because of this give up on your dream.

Failing is not to say you are not good enough, you just need to do better.

Hence, you keep trying till you progress to the next level with your designs. Even if you win the first stage, you should keep experimenting with designs and getting better, because others are getting better too.

Not giving up is important if you are going to become a fashion tycoon.

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