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Celebrities have always been active in fashion. To increase their social status and fan following, they become fashionable. Chris Brown is an American singer, songwriter, dancer, and actor. He is known for his music, his multiple tattoos, his past relationship with Rihanna, his street art. One other thing that came into the highlight in 2020 was his fashion.

It is not uncommon for famous artists to become fashion icons among their fans. With the amount of publicity that they get, their style-whether tasteful and intriguing or ridiculous and unappealing — is bound to catch the eye. Some artists further promote their fashion choices
through social media presence. They share new looks and outfits of the day, which are often picked up and made popular by their fanbase.

In 2020 Chris Brown was working on several collaborations with artists like Lil Dicky, Rich The Kid, and Joyner Lucas, though the projects with the latter two are still to be released. During this period he was often spotted and captured on camera wearing a relaxed street style.

Chris Brown dressing style

In his attire, Chris Brown frequently went for blocks of color, sometimes even giving preference to monochrome outfits, dressing, for example, in all white, all yellow, or all lime-green. Whether it was a coincidence or a conscious choice, the musician mostly avoided patterns, though on some occasions he was seen in a jacket with multiple embroidery patches.

Taking advantage of his current residential location in Los Angeles, Brown frequently went for short sleeves or even sleeveless look, showing off his numerous tattoos that have by now become almost as well known as Chris’s music.

Chris Brown childhood dressed code

Even though Chris Brown describes his childhood as having “more church clothes than school clothes”, after becoming a recognized artist, he frequently resorts to comfortable sportswear and street style. Another thing that might be different from his strict religious upbringing is the
use of jewelry.

He is not a stranger to some accessories serving to accentuate his style. Here the musician gives preference to massive, clunky neck chains, bracelets, and watches. To top the street look, he often wears baseball caps.

One detail of his wardrobe that Brown takes particular pride in is his enormous sneaker collection. And though he tries not to brag about it, you can’t help but notice his footwear that makes up a prominent part of the artist’s image.

The issue of whether fans, particularly the younger generation, should be influenced by the style of their favorite musician or actor has been quite a debate, especially when it comes to somebody with a very controversial reputation like Chris Brown. The domestic violence
case involving Rihanna might be the most infamous one, however, Brown has several other legal issues to his name.

The answer to this question will probably vary for each individual, as there are no ready-made recipes. Most of the time it will depend on how far you are willing to let the influence have an effect on you. After all, fashion is just a matter of taste and it exists to make your individuality
stand out.

To see Chris Brown’s sense of fashion in 2020, watch this video.

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