Video: Fashion Merchandising Careers

Fashion Merchandising Careers is a career that is interesting a lots of people when it comes to business career in fashion. She perfectly discussed the different types of career in the business of fashion in this video.

If you have been thinking about taking on a fashion merchandising career as your new career, then you’re in the right place. Keep reading as she discuss the difference types of fashion merchandising career.

1. Fashion buyers:

Firstly, lets look at the fashion buyers: These are the people who decide what goes into the store. They do a lots of research and traveling. They’re literally involve with the buying plans and deciding the cash value of the products coming in the store. 

2. Visual merchandiser:

These are people who are literally involve with the visual appearance of the store, making sure the store is looking good and customers are buying. Very interesting department when it comes to fashion merchandising career.

3.  Store manager:

These’re people who are practically involve with the day-to-day management of the store. Some company don’t really look at the store manager position as important and strategic as compare to the first two positions discussed initially. But they’re very much important and pay very well.

There’re so many types of career when it comes to the fashion world. These’re just a few of them. Watched the video and you gonna really enjoy the rest of the positions discussed in the fashion business. You can also read more about the fashion career.  


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