Video: Fashion Stylists Guess the Cost of Party Dresses

My name is Zika I’ve been an international fashion designer for 13 years and here’s Johnny, a stylist for 10 years.

We wanted to understand how to style each dress and guess the cost of each party dress. Let’s dive right in.

Vivienne Westwood

For me, I think classic looks like timeless lifts are always best, but also depends on who makes it. For me, I love Vivienne Westwood, other designers are good, I guess.

I mean, I am. You know, basically, he forgot to say that, I did. All right, let’s do it.

The first Impression looks a little cheap, yes, yeah.

Is it kind of at the back or is it trying to be an invisible zipper? Really? Yeah. Look, I wonder not the sequence. Like do you know that thing?

Oh, like the tune, yeah, yeah. No, that’s not one of those. No, it’s not. I mean, it does, that material does do the changing thing. Yeah.

It kind of looks a little Yeah, you see that? Yeah. So I think that’s the effect is supposed to be like that on the whole dress, it was supposed to be uniform, yeah.

And it’s supposed to be doing it everywhere, right, Nope. That’s another rose.

I do like this, though I have to say absolutely right. Definitely under $100 to S20. You think so?

I think so. I don’t know. It looks like something that someone would be like. Yeah, this is $220 to me, it’s like the cap sleeve.

You know, that’s kind of like it’s a little more expensive, expensive detail. Kinda, but I feel like they may have done that. Because it was not.

Well, they definitely tried it. Yeah, absolutely. We’re going to save you, honey. Yeah, I would say it’s really? I think so. I don’t know. I’m being nice.

Yeah. generous. I’m gonna say under $100. That’s crazy, seriously, really tried. I am very surprised. I definitely felt like this is maybe like a glorified toward the older section. Forever, 21. You wait for it to go on for sure.

Cute. Definitely better made than that. First one. They have paneling on the skirt rushing on the sleeves.

It looks to be an invisible zipper on the back and the neckline. The slit. It feels cheap. Yeah, it kind of looks.

But again, the patterning of the dress is really it’s good. Nothing. This one I think would be upwards of $200.

I want to say it’s 191 8190. Okay, but the fabric is not at all crazy because they have such a good surprise though, because it’s constructed really well. I would add a pretty good dress for $30 bucks for sure.

But it kind of scares me too. Because it’s kind of like buying cheap produce at the market or like me. You know, it’s like why is this so cheap? Right?

They trick that? Yeah, I don’t you remember we were talking about cheap. Cheap bluster like cheap sequins.

Yes, tacky. Something expensive is to catch up. It’s supposed to catch all the light. This is catching on. I feel like I see this material all the time in the fashion district.

The sequins they have them coming down like a little cringe. And then it’s really spaced out. So to me that makes it look even cheaper.

It looks cheap. Overall, it just has a waist. A stretch waistband. It’s lined under $50. I was going to say $60 bucks. Yeah. It can’t be any more than $60 good Nike.

If so I would be really really I’m walking out of this room. I specifically 150 $3 maybe 45 kinds of like a one size fits all even had like a zipper. It would have been.

Yeah, that was another giveaway. So if you tell me for a drunken night, right, there you go. I don’t know if you tell me this is like 200 bucks. I’m leaving. Okay, yeah.

I said that sounds about right. Would you say 4045? Okay, I said 53 middle schools, middle school age hiding the blazer over it and whereupon I just cannot even this one strikes me as like a vintage something.

I mean, its silk material looks a bit dated. It’s awful. Like this is like an older like a vintage dress.

And it’s tank style. So it can’t be that expensive. There’s no zipper. So really though, it’s like just a pullover. Yeah.

Let’s see. That’s why I think it may be old too because you know, people were a lot smaller.

So they didn’t have to do a lot of stretchy materials, a lot of zippers and all that. Everyone was what do you think? What year do you think this is? Maybe the 60s? Oh, no.

It has like a grandma cozy feel. Yeah. I don’t know the fabric. I don’t know. What do you think it’s? I don’t know.

I don’t really this one. I’m kind of. I don’t know. It just kind of strikes me as a vintage dress. Maybe it’s the colour? I don’t know.

I don’t know. It can’t be worth that much. I don’t think so. I don’t know. I’m gonna last I don’t know. Did you want to peel the label?

Oh, to see what it is. Like it’s something old. Oh, what is it?

Well, the label is expensive. Can I see what it’s the kind of composition? It’s 100%. So again, okay. Made in the USA, since it’s made in the US on 100%. So the label I would price it at $300.

I would have thought a couple like to come in. Yeah. Only because of the label and because it’s as a consumer.

If I saw this in Iraq, I pass by it. Yeah, I’d find this at a deep deep discount. I pay $60 bucks for it. Voila. What?

I knew it. Wait, why is it Why? I mean, I’m a little bit mad. I’m just really surprised because it’s just like a little prop.

I’m more than sure this thing fits. Well. I’m more than Sure. Yeah. Okay, cool.

It has shoulder pads. It has an invisible zipper. It has buttons at the top, Nick. I hate it. I hate it. Show Girl by No.

I’m all for showgirls. Definitely. It just makes me a little angry. The sequin. Oh, I didn’t really feel like the sequels are just a better version of that.

Oh, yeah, you’re right. Oh, no, you’re definitely Yeah. I feel kind of cheesy, but I feel like yeah, it’s better made than that.

So okay, it does have has an invisible zipper that has buttons and shoulder pads.

There’s this, weird cut on the back. It’s mean is weird diaper feeling here. Do you see it? I don’t know. I’m hoping that that.

Right. Yeah. Other than that, I’m like, why would you do that? It’s interesting.

I love how you have like, and I mean, love by saying hey, it’s like, cascading sequence on your bus does? I don’t know.

I mean, it strikes me is just a little bit more expensive. sequin than that white rubber. I think it’s cute for like babies.

Oh, yeah. So one way I would say $120. Yeah, I was gonna about this app. Definitely, under $200 I don’t really see it being over 1$50 I don’t think.

Let’s do $125 Okay, in the middle. I got Jesus Christ growing now. So we overbid. That was 125 45 bucks.

I feel like it’s a good $440 dollar dress though. Why would you put shoulder pads on a $40? Yeah.

How much are the shoulder pads costing? I don’t care for the dress. So I really I’ve lost all emotions.

Don’t tell me this is someone’s dressed you. Whose? Is it? Yours? No. Okay. kind of take you shopping.

I feel like this is one of those dresses that doesn’t really catch my eye doesn’t do anything for me.

But looking at the construction and the darts and the panels. I feel like it would be expensive.

I don’t know I’ve been burned by those 240 $5 dresses right now that I thought was like, Oh, this is whatever.

Because as isn’t that you should feel the fabric on this. Yeah, awful. Like, it’s actually like, it’s like Teflon, but then like look at the bodies at the front how they have the pleading.

Boning to Oh, it’s bony. Yeah, I don’t know the material is actually the worst. From all of the ones really I’ve touched kind of plastic.

But you know, I feel like this will be that dress though. That’s like in a boutique somewhere selling for a ridiculous amount.

And then you’ll be like, Oh, yeah, okay, we’ll have to agree to disagree. I feel like it’s one of those weird dresses that like go
under the radar.

And then it’s like they’re, like $500 bucks. I think it’s it could be like $20 or it could be $560 bucks. 60 bucks.

Lilly Pulitzer

Okay, I need to know who designed this. Oh, Lilly Pulitzer. No, she’s ripping you guys off that’s made in China. Everything on it is plastic.

This one to me isn’t a surprise Oh, upsetting because you know who’s buying all of this?

Well, let’s think that Lilly Pulitzer is a luxury label. Okay? It’s the shell of it. It’s acetate, yes. Moreover, polyester and metallic lining.

What is metallic what is metallic? This is highly flammable on this dress by the way. You know, it’s one of those dresses that if you’re on an airplane, you must not wear.

You’ll burn to a crisp. It’s marketing. It’s branding. God, that just irritates me. Anyway, wow. So many reactions.

I feel defeated creatives and designers keep doing their thing. Design what speaks to you. And I think as a rule of thumb for me designing that can be timeless or girl Godspeed.

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