What to Wear With High Waisted Shorts: The Complete Guide

The average person spends $161 per month on clothing, which is totally understandable. When a girl looks her best, she feels her best, so it’s important to stay on top of your wardrobe!

This summer, high waisted shorts are one of the biggest trends for women. This vintage look is adorable for a lot of reasons, and there are a lot of ways that you can put a modern twist on it and look gorgeous this season.

Read on to learn what to wear with high waisted shorts so that you can look beautiful in the coming months!

Shirts and Blouses

The first thing that you’ll need to decide when wearing high-waisted shorts is what kind of top to wear with it. Read on to learn some shirt and blouse styles that look amazing with these adorably vintage bottoms!

Button-Up Bliss

Button-up shirts may sound stiff and formal, but they’re anything but that if you get a casual style. Casual button-ups are adorable on any woman and make any outfit look classy.

If you’re trying to look more summery, there are button-up tank tops that you can buy at most retailers. Yellow is an exceptionally popular color this season, so consider pairing a yellow button-up with some dark high-waisted shorts.

You can also get button-up shirts that feature frills and lace going down either the center or the sleeves. These styles are a great way to add a funky and feminine flair to your wardrobe. Collared styles are also an adorable thing to try.

Make sure to tuck your shirt in before calling your outfit done! This is important no matter what you choose to wear with high-waisted shorts. It needs to be tucked in to be cute!

Tiny Accent Print

Tiny polka dots no bigger than your fingertips are really en vogue this year, but so are other small shapes. You can get tanks and button-ups with tiny flowers, turtles, teacups, butterflies, and more printed on them!

There are lots of options out there in pretty much every style of shirt that you can think of. They go perfectly with high-waisted shorts because they spice up the vintage-ness of your outfit style with a little bit of modern print.

In other words, these styles are perfect for the modern 2020 gal!

Graphic Tees: Yay or Nay?

Whether or not t-shirts can be tucked into pants or shorts is an age-old debate, but we fully believe that doing so is A-OK.

Specifically, when you have high-waisted shorts, a vintage graphic tee is an amazing thing to pair with it. Consider something with 80s Star Wars print on it or the name of your favorite band printed across the front. Brand names are also good, including those for your favorite cereals and candy.

When you choose to try this style out, the goal is 80s chic! Remember that!

Cohesive Colors

To decide what colors will go best with your particular pair of high waisted shorts, you’ll need to take a look at the fashion color wheel.

If you have a black or white pair of shorts, the monochrome look might be something to go for. Choose a solid-color blouse and pick accessories that are that same hue. This is a great way to look modern and chic this summer. You can also do this with dark denim- even though it’s technically blue, people will get the idea.

It’s totally cool for your shirts to have accents and patterns on them as well, especially if they’re all beside each other on the color wheel. Using three colors that sit side by side looks fantastic and allows you to wear shirts with a little more going on.

If you’re wearing light denim shorts or those in any other color/style, you may want to look into some darker-colored tops. Try black tanks with white text on them if you feel like making a verbal statement. Navy, emerald, ruby red, and other dark hues also go well with lighter (solid-color) shorts.

Accessories and Beyond

Now that you have some ideas on what tops go with high waisted shorts, it’s time to look into some other things that you may be curious about how to wear with them. Read on to learn what shoes and accessories look best with this summer style!

Superb Shoes

As with any pair of shorts or above-the-knee skirt, high waisted shorts look best when paired with sandals. Consider matching the color of your shoes with the top that you’ve chosen to wear. This will draw your full outfit together,

If you’re not a sandal gal, you’re in luck- another vintage trend is coming back this year, and it’s one that looks perfect with shorts. Mary Janes are closed-toed shoes with a strap that goes across the middle of your foot, and they’re super cute. There are both flat and heeled versions of this shoe so you can choose what you want depending on the occasion!

Jewelry and Bling

Did you know that charm jewelry is coming back in 2020? Well, it is! In fact, it’s set to be one of the most hopping trends in the coming months, so you might want to get on top of that.

Choose a small charm that has meaning to you and string it on a thin chain. Whether this is a single stone, bead, initial, or animal-shaped sterling silver charm, there are a lot of options.

If you choose to wear a top that has tiny print on it, you may even be able to find a charm that matches that print! There’s nothing quite like a cat charm bracelet to go with some little cat pictures on your tank top.

Once you choose, you can wear it as a necklace, bracelet, or even an anklet!

Speaking of awesome anklets, these look great with high waisted shorts. Since your legs will be bare, you’ll have the chance to really show off a thin chain around your ankle. Pretty cool, right?

More Ideas on What to Wear With High Waisted Shorts

While high waisted shorts are by no means the only vintage trend to come back into style this year, they certainly are one of the most versatile. However, there’s nothing quite like creating that cohesive 80s chic look for your next outfit.

Now that you have some clues on what to wear with high waisted shorts, it’s time to dog more deeply into the most en vogue styles. Check out this article on vintage-inspired outfits to go with your favorite pair of shorts. Stay stylish and have fun!

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