What Will the Top Hairstyles Be In 2022?

Are you looking for a new hairstyle that will keep you looking trendy and stylish, or are you looking to change up your normal look?

Switching up your hairstyle can be a great way to refresh your look and keep up with style trends, but how do you know what hairstyles will be in style?

What will the top hairstyles be in 2022? We make sure to keep up with all of the latest hairstyle news to stay informed about hairstyle trends. 

To find the perfect hairstyle for 2022, check out this list of hairstyle trends. 

Shag Cuts

Shag cuts have become increasingly popular recently. The jagged layers and bangs of the shag cut make the perfect edgy hairstyle for someone trying to follow 2022 hair trends. 

This look can vary in length and texture. It looks great on people with straight hair because it clearly defines each layer. Likewise, curly hair looks just as good with this cut because the choppy layers will give your hair lots of volume. 

Yellow Hair

Yellow Hair

Bright colors are often the focus of attention in hair trends, and for 2022 yellow hair is center stage. This bold look is perfect for a bright summer look or to spice up any haircut. 

This look is a strong statement and looks great on anyone. If you are looking for a new hairstyle that is loud and powerful, dyeing it yellow is a great option. 

Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs have been coming back strong as the perfect nostalgic hairstyle. These flowy bangs will add shape to your hair and perfectly frame your face. 

You blow dry them out for a dramatic sweeping effect or straighten them and pair them with a shag cut for an edgier take on the look. These bangs look great on any hair length. 

Textured Bobs

If you are looking for a chic new haircut, a textured bob is a perfect hairstyle for you. Whether you choose a short haircut or prefer longer bobs, this look will make you look trendy and sophisticated. 

This look looks great with straight hair, curly hair, and everything in between. Try adding some volume by adding in some cascading waves or rock a sleek straightened bob. 

Bright Ombre and Balayage

Ombres and balayage styles have been popular for a few years, but the hair trend to follow for 2022 brings bright color to your look. A bright green ombre or vibrant teal balayage is the perfect way to spice up your look in 2022. 

A sleek, bright yellow bob will give you a powerful and trendy chic look, or try a  bright lavender balayage with curtain bangs for a softer 2022 look. 

Hidden Colors

For a more subtle hairstyle, you can try adding a pop of color to the underlayer of your hair. When your hair moves or you pull some of it back, you will see a bright pop of color, but you can easily hide it with your top layer if needed. 

This look will still allow you to look professional while adding a bit of flair to your everyday look. 

Bleached Shag Cuts

Many celebrities are following the shag hairstyle trend this year and also dyeing their hair bleach blonde. This look brings a modern touch to a traditional mullet cut. For anyone looking to look edgier or get the perfect rock star hairstyle, this is a great look for you. 

Long Textured Waves

If you prefer to keep your hair long and elegant, this hairstyle is perfect for you. Textured cascading waves will give you the perfect modern twist on a classical look. 

Add a pop of color underneath your top layer, or pair the textured waves with the perfect curtain bangs to add more flair to this look. This look will look classic and trendy at the same time. 

Feathered Cuts

Feathered Cuts

Feathered cuts have been making their way to center stage for the 2022 hairstyle trends. This look can be styled to fit many different aesthetics, and many people are taking advantage of the light, bouncy layers. 

This look can be put into many different styles or be worn down to showcase the fun layers. 

Asymmetrical Cuts

Asymmetrical looks are the perfect way to add an edge to a classic and chic look. A straightened, asymmetrical bob is the perfect way to add flair to your office look or bring a trendy touch to a classic cut. 

This look is a great way to make a bold statement without committing to a bright color or putting your hair through the bleaching process.

Green Hair

Green hair has been increasingly more popular lately. Ranging in various hues and shades, you can find a shade of green to fit any personal style or preference. 

Bright green hair can be a powerful statement, while a soft, darker shade of green can be a more subtle look. Green hair looks great on all hair lengths and textures and is a great way to add a splash of color to your life. 

Red Balayage

Warm tones are definitely a 2022 hair trend that has been increasing in popularity. A red balayage is the perfect way to add warmth and vibrancy to your look. 

Depending on your preference, you can choose a shade of red that fits your style perfectly. A bright, fiery red will be a loud statement that is perfect for someone wanting a dramatic change, while a subtle copper color will bring warmth to the hair of someone looking for a small change. 

Keep Up With Hairstyle News

No matter your personal style, these hairstyle news tips will keep you looking up to date with all the latest hairstyle trends. Bring a pop of color into your life, or try out a trendy haircut by following these styles!

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