Why Specialized Rave Sunglasses Are a Good Idea

The most current musical trend to hit the scene is the dubstep genre. According to OxfordDictionaries.com, dubstep is “a form of dance music, typically instrumental, characterized by a sparse, syncopated rhythm and a strong bassline.”

While it has its origins in London throughout the late 90s as a curious fusion of the reggae-based dub and the electronica-heavy 2-step garage genres, it recently latched onto a conventional congregation owing to DJ/music producer Skrillex and his contemporaries like deadmau5 and Birdy Nam Nam.

Because of its underground ambiance, a dubstep party is unlike Ibiza clubbing. While house music parties could have partygoers freely gyrating to the rhythm of the music, dubstep parties have the audience just pumping their arms above them and bobbing to the oscillating bass.

Dubstep is less of the panache and even more about raw beats; while dubstep fans aren’t too concerned with looks, there appears to be a general idea of exactly how dubstep influences their fashion.

Most dubstep fashion is influenced by its forebears: particularly the grunge and hip hop societies. Loose, economical clothes paired with skinny jeans and accented with a few accessories (usually headphones and a couple of sunglasses) are the norm.

The shades, in particular, seem dislocated provided that the majority of parties occur either in the evening or in dimly lit locations. But it doesn’t prevent the glasses from being trendy accents.

A market for shades used entirely for partying exists; companies permit a partygoer to customize sunglasses with a variety of colors, lenses, and framework options.

Lenses can be just as dark as the customer prefers, or could boast inclines to reflect the party venue. Graphics and mirror finishes on the lenses proper can additionally be applied; due to a unique procedure, their addition doesn’t impede vision at all.

Framework options for specialized shades are just as extreme. From luminous neon colored frames to those that can glow in the dark, even changeable arms for the folding sunglasses can be blended and matched to create an absolutely special accessory.

With numerous design alternatives, many clients order more than one pair to swap parts between glasses.

While fashion glasses may be seen as a bit too flamboyant and generally pointless to some, there’s no denying their appeal amongst the partying elite. And while dubstep envelops its listeners with soul-thumping bass, so will flashy sunglasses continue to sit on the eyes of partygoers almost everywhere.

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