Women’s Fashion Sneaker Trends of 2020

Sneakers aren’t just worn for playing sports anymore.

The good news is, the women’s fashion sneaker is in, meaning style doesn’t have to be uncomfortable.

We’ve collated a list of the best fashionable sneakers for women to help you pick out the best comfy shoes for your look.

Go Retro

Go back to the basics with vintage sneaker designs, keeping things classic in retro styles.

And the great news is, to achieve this you don’t have to dig out your old shoes from the 1970s.

So many brands now draw inspiration from the classic original sneaker style, adding minimalism and comfort to a chic modern look.

Running sneakers and ballet pumps form the basis of these shoes, and can be used to accompany a sophisticated quirky evening look or added to a smart-casual ensemble.

Brands such as Gucci have relaunched the likes of tennis-shoe designs, as have Re/Done, with a basketball look.

This style can be worn with a dress for a Lily Allen inspired look, or with a smart sweater and skinny jeans for a casual style.


Let’s not forget that sneakers are first and foremost sports shoes—and despite a resurgence in the more glamorous style of sneaker, there’s still plenty on the market to exercise in.

But this doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your sense of style when selecting a sporty sneaker.

The classic brands, such as Adidas, Reebok, and Nike, offer chic styles and come with the guarantee that they will perform excellently in whatever sport you’re taking part in.

APL Athletic Propulsion Labs offer the likes of Pro mesh sneakers, TechLoom Breeze mesh sneakers, and TechLoom Bliss mesh and neoprene slip-on sneakers, to name just three.

Hybrid Collaborations

Some of the vintage sports brands have also teamed up with high-fashion labels to create stunning hybrids.

Reebok has joined forces with London-based Cottweiler, having first collaborated in 2017.

Adidas has co-created women’s fashion sneakers with Girls Are Awesome—devising classic looks with panels of bold popping color.

And Gucci has combined with Disney for their latest printed canvas sneakers.

Fashion Footed

Forget practicality for a while—many sneakers are made to make a fashion statement above all else. All sorts of brands have taken the unmistakable sports shoe design and had fun with it—evolving it into new styles using color, shape, and size.

Funky and fun, this style of shoe can be teamed with dresses, skirts, boot-leg jeans, and relaxed tailored slacks. Give Golden Goose’s Running Sole a go for a metallic-meets-distressed leather design—ideal with denim.

Or for a suede shoe try Fendif Fluid logo-print mesh and canvas sneakers. Gucci’s Rhyton logo-print leather sneakers are another treat for the fashionista looking to make a style statement.


High-end designers and sneaker stalwarts alike have designed everyday-use sneakers.

Alexander McQueen, for example, offers a Suede-trimmed leather exaggerated-sole sneaker, while Adidas Originals have released their eye-catching Stan Smith leather sneakers.

These shoes are great for a casual look, day-to-day, but also inject a burst of style and substance to an otherwise normal ensemble.

With this type of women’s fashion sneaker, you can turn a simple jeans and a Tee combo into something special, adding some fun to your mundane errand run.

Royal Inspiration

If you’re looking to emulate the style of Kate Middleton or Meghan Markle, you might not think of sneakers as the obvious choice.

Wrong! The latter is actually a big fan of sneaker brand Veja—opting for the white, clean-cut Esplar sneakers. Also by this brand, favored by the actress-turned-royal, are the V-10 sneakers and the V-12 sneakers.

This brand is French and, despite being high-end, is not extortionately priced. Celebrity style icons such as Katie Holmes and Reese Witherspoon are also fans of this shoe style.

Kate Middleton has been seen out and about in Superga sneakers, showing off her trend for earthy tones and khaki kicks. She was spotted in them for her first in-person engagement following the UK’s COVID-19 lockdown, matching them with a simple Jaeger shirt, Fjällräven sormland padded vest, and Massimo Dutti pants.


Remember the way the Spice Girls gave chunky platform shoes a firm spot in the 1990s? Well, the trend caught on with sneakers too—and is still going strong. Platform sneakers are a triple-threat. They give you height, are bold and are comfortable.

Not merely a staple for pop starlets, the style has been replicated by a number of top shoe designers lately.

Take the Alexander McQueen oversized leather trainer, for instance. The brand is known to produce theatrical and modern items, and these sneakers feature a statement platform sole.

They’re even more unique thanks to their wide laces, smooth leather finish and rounded toe. They also feature the brand name on the tongue as well as a grained metallic heel.

Similarly eye-catching are Tommy Hilfiger’s super-high trainers which boast luxe metallic-edged laces complete with a satin finish and striped flatform soles.

Adding an extra twist to the design, they feature tonal piping, a horizontal stripe heel and plenty of Tommy Hilfiger branding embellished over the shoe.

It’s All About the Women’s Fashion Sneaker

Now you’ve read our women’s fashion sneaker list, it’s time to think about what to wear with them.

As mentioned above, sneakers go with a variety of looks—from glam to casual. From sporty to athleisure. Half the fun is coordinating your sneakers with your own style and taste.

Check out this article on cool summery outfits to go with your sneakers of choice for some extra and tips and ideas.

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